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Author Topic: Do we know our loved ones?  (Read 3158 times)

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Do we know our loved ones?
« on: December 04, 2006, 09:30:36 AM »

> > From: "In the darkness"

> Do you have any scriptural proof that we know our loved ones in our
> future life? Does one scripture exist to prove this? I would like to
> hear it.

Dear In the Dark:
What I marvel at is where did the idea ever come from that maybe
we WOUND'T know our loved ones in our future life?  Where and why
would anyone ever come up with such a question? When we go to sleep
at night, will we recognize our mate and children in the morrning when we
awaken?  I am just floored by the absurdity of the question. Where did
such a question ever come from?
Will we remember our own name in our future life?  Will we remember
that we even lived before?  Maybe we will be a different person and
even we ourselves will not know who we are?   Will we remember
whether we were a male or a female?  Will God even know
who we are? I'm sorry, but to me the question is beyond bizarre.
Of course we will know our loved ones, and we don't need a Scripture
for proof of it.  Matt. 8:11; Luke13:29--We will not only now our loved
ones, but we will know people we didn't know in this life.  Matt. 22:28--
People will know who there WIFE was. Matt. 19:28--the Apostles will
all know each other, etc., etc., etc.
God be with you,
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