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Author Topic: Church?  (Read 4243 times)

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« on: December 09, 2006, 11:55:57 AM »

> Hello Ray.
> My name is Calvert and I go to the Church of God Seventh Day in St
> Thomas the United States VIrgin Islands. My Pastor says, "We should
> not forsaken the assembly of ourselves like the manner of
> some..." (in which the apposlte Paul said). But I believe moderns
> churches have taken this out of context. We go to church on the
> Sabbatth, Sunday nights for revival, and wednesday nights for
> prayer... I would like to become a member of the church (But I think
> that is too much church!) I came across a website which had the same
> views that I have....
> What's your take in this subject?

Dear Calvert:
Well, truth be known, I don't go to Church on the Sabbath or on Sunday or on
Wednesday night.  I do spend seventy to eighty hours a week reading God's Word,
writing papers on God's plan and purpose, and I pray constantly, and speak to a
number of people on the telephone ever day.  Now I don't know if that actually
counts for "church" or not. I guess I could ask a Baptist minister, but I think he
would tell me that I need to get out of my house and off of my computer, and
hand up the phone, and go to a building where they have REAL CHURCH.
Problem is:  I don't LIKE playing "church."  I get ill just watching "church" on
television. I don't think I could stand sitting in the middle of all that stuff any more.
I think that I would be so tempted to stand up and contradict the minister to his
face and teach them the Truth.  Of course they would kick me out or call the police,
so I don't.

God be with you,
PS   They don't just "go" to church, you know?  No, they "PLAY" church.  If you
continue to attend church, you will soon be "playing church" just like the rest of them.
God be with you,
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