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Author Topic: Hey Ray  (Read 2536 times)

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Hey Ray
« on: December 19, 2006, 09:05:59 AM »

Dear Tony:
Wow.  I mean no disrespect, Tony, but it is almost impossible to answer such emails as yours, when you [1] misquote the Scriptures, [2] Use words and/or phrases that are not in the Scriptures, [3] draw false conclusions based on wrong words and wrong teaching, and [4] cite Scriptures to prove your false assumptions. I will try to straighten out your email as best I can....................

Hey Ray,

I would like you to answer my questions as best as you can. I tried to look around for answers, but none were convincing enough. So, I thought there's no one else but you to refer to.

In Matthew 15:4-7 & Mark 7:9-10 Jesus rebukes the Pharisees for following the traditions of their ancestors and not killing whoever curses his parents as they were told by God in the OT.
COMMENT:  That is NOT the content of the two Scriptures referenced. Jesus did not rebuke them for "not KILLING" those cursing their parents.  We must.....we MUST.....WE ABSOLUTELY MUST starting reading the Scriptures more carefully.  Jesus said the the Law called for killing the one who CURSES his father or mother. But Jesus showed the Pharisees that when they contributed to the welfare of their parents and called it a "gift" or "charity," for them to give their parents support, Jesus said that such a thing voided the whole intent of the law. The law didn't say, "You shall NOT dishonor your father or your mother."  It said, "HONOR your father and mother." Cursing a parents is certainly not "honoring them." Likewise, Jesus showed them that even caring for them in their needs, but CALL IT A GIFT or CHARITY likewise dishonors one's parents. But Jesus didnot say that providing for one's parents and calling it charity or a gift (meaning that it was not r equired of them by law to provide for them) was the same as "CURSING" one's parents. He said it makes void the positve purpose for the law.  It is the different between doing something because the law deamnds it or because one WANTS to do what is right regardless of what the law demands.
 In Matt 5:19-20  we see that Jesus advises not to break the commandments of God but to follow and teach them in order to be called great in the Kingdom of heaven. Jesus' mission was to fulfill not abolish the Law of God as we see in Matt 5:17-18. And in Matt 5:21 we realize that Jesus condemns killing or murdering.

1st question: Is Jesus contradicting himself by rebuking the Jews for not killing and in another instance he condemns killing?

COMMENT:  We have already determined that your whole premise on these verses was wrong. Jesus did NOT rebuke the Jews for "NOT KILLING."

2nd question: Are we to follow the Laws of God found in the OT such as stoning the apostates, killing whoever curses his parents - Exodus 21:17; Lev. 20:9 ?.

COMMENT:  They did NOT STONE APOSTATES in the Old Testament. Where do you find that? And there is no tribunal under the New Covenant or authority for anyone who wishes, to STONE people whome he thinks are breakng the law of Moses.

Jesus never said to disregard the Law of God but instead to follow and teach them.
COMMENT:  We are not "under the law" of Moses in the New Covenant. We are under grace, and we adhere to a higher spiritual keeping of God's Law.
 Paul was one of the many as of today to stop the actions of killing apostates.....etc.
Assuming that it only applies to the Old Covenant. Since Christ fulfilled the law through his death and resurrection. But again Jesus never said that. Who are we to believe, Jesus or Paul ?!?!?!

COMMENT:  You talk like Jesus and Paul had two different theologies.  Where did Jesus ever stone anyone?  Where did Paul [not Saul, but Paul] ever stone anyone?  There is no stoning under the New Covenant.
God be with you,

Thanks in advance and may God bless you,
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