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Author Topic: Pagans believe there is a god  (Read 3268 times)

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Pagans believe there is a god
« on: April 03, 2006, 03:09:03 PM »

First, a general complaint that I hope will help you
> improve the "readability" of your works: while I
> greatly enjoyed your piece on tithing because of its
> clear statements, another work, "A Scriptural
> Explanation of the Lake of Fire" is not so clear. A
> person can only read for so long without some sort of
> clear, simple statement about what you are trying to
> say. In this particular work that I mentioned, you
> make it clear that you have a problem with the idea of
> eternal hellfire-- as do I-- but you don't really come
> out and say what you propose as an alternative. I
> read the whole thing. Following what you _did_ say
> was not impossible, but it seems there is something
> left unsaid, unless I missed it. Even if this is
> because it is related to other peices, and maybe I
> have missed a place where you were more clear, I
> simply ask that you make your point clear in _every_
> article that you write.
> Now, you seem to be leaning toward what I have heard
> called "Universal Reconcilliation", where all souls
> are brought back to Christ after a period of hellfire.
> If you are not aware of this doctrine perhaps you
> could clear up some of your meaning in the article by
> addressing it.
> Another alternative to eternal torture, one that seems
> less heard of and the one I happen to believe, is that
> there IS a hell that 'punishes' those who have refused
> Christ. Yet the love of God is still there for his
> enemies because instead of the punishment being
> eternal, and any time away from God is a punishment
> that is chosen by the self, these lost souls are
> ended, destroyed. This is the end result of "the
> wages of sin is death" for those who have not accepted
> Jesus' grace by which he offered salvation to the
> whole world. In fact this is far kinder than allowing
> these souls to wander around without God forever.
> And yes, I also saw your article on "free will". Most
> people seem to misunderstand this concept and you have
> addressed it on many levels. I think that on many
> points you are right. Most of our choices are limited
> and easily reflect God's will in a predeterministic
> sense. However, there is one choice that is all our
> own, whether or not to accept God. I believe that He
> _provides_ for every person to know Him, even those
> that have not heard the Gospel/good news. Is God
> incapable of showing Himself through his works, even
> the very grass we stand on and the wild animals, which
> are all His?
> I know I have not responded to all of your ideas in
> quite the lengthy, scholarly-type way that you present
> your arguments. That is partly to keep it short
> enough! I can see that you are fighting the good
> fight, so to speak, and I am always glad to see
> someone who appears to think for themselves, even if
> we may disagree on points ;)
> Peace,
> Michelle

Dear Michelle:
This might come as a shock to you, Michelle, but nearly every heathen and pagan culture that has ever lived believed THERE IS A GOD.  The God of the Scriptures?  NO--just a god.  Can and will that belief in "a god" save them? NO
"Neither is there salvation in any other for there is NONE other Name [Jesus Christ, ver.10] under heaven given among men, whereby we MUST BE SAVED" (Acts 4:12).
Now this might also come as a shock to you, Michelle, but one CANNOT deciper the "Name Jesus Christ" by looking at wild animals eating the grass!
God be with you,
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