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Author Topic: Mark?  (Read 4746 times)

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« on: December 22, 2006, 06:27:40 PM »

> Hi Ray,
> I would like to know what you think about the law that was passed in May
> of 2005 called the Real ID Act H.R.418. This law is suppose to be
> implemented by May of 2008. This will transform our drivers license into a
> National ID Card while setting up a national database of each persons
> information. You will not be able to drive, fly, work, etc., without this
> card. They already have the ability, and are putting information such as
> this on a small device the size of a grain of rice and implanting it under
> the skin on people. It seems to me this is the unfolding of Biblical
> prophecy for implementation the Mark of the Beast. I would like to know what
> you think.
> There is alot of information about this new law online. If you are
> interested I c an send you some of the links I have gathered. Let me know.
> I do hope you can reply. I really appreciate your writings and insight.
> Thank you, paula

Dear Paula:

Think for just a moment.  Who would receive this "mark." Why EVERYONE.  So therefore, EVERYONE could "buy and sell," couldn't they? This is all RELIGIOUS NONSENSE, Paula. It is the Church that is filling people's heads with this nonsense. The mark is not a literal mark, or tatoo, or imbedded computer chip. Besides, why would we need one on our hand AND ON OUR FOREHEAD?  This is all symbolism. Read my "Lake of Fire" series for explanations of many of these symbols.

God be with you,

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