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This is an outline of Ray's web site, to help find information.
The articles are as on the site, with the link to it, the subheadings are numbered for easy reference.

                           L. Ray Smith

               “Exposing Those Who Contradict”

         “You Fools! You Hypocrites! You Snakes!”     
               Why Jesus Used Scathing Sarcasm   

        [Jesus was the Master of Scathing Sarcasm]


1. Who were the Scribes and Pharisees?
2. Vessels in a great house
3. Who is it that will get “worse and worse?”
4. “Woe unto you, Scribes and Pharisees, Hypocrites”
5. For He taught them as One having authority”
6. Jesus talked naturally
7. Selections concerning Jesus-- the humble servant of man
8. Sarcasm-- old and new
9. To whom Christ was commissioned
10. How Jesus ‘unbraided’ the cities
11. Let the dead bury their dead
12. Fasting hypocrites
13. Cast out the log from your own eye
14. Peace or a sword?
15. Christ demands more than equal love
16. Jesus calls the Jews wolves
17. God doesn’t choose pansies to do His work
18. Was Christ a common criminal?
19. Transgressing the traditions of the elders
20. They Profess-- But They Lie
21. Today’s recruits are tomorrow’s heretics
22. Sounding a Trumpet
23. Let Him without sin cast the first stone
24. Sometimes man’s greater sin is trying to be Holy
25. Don’t waste God’s Word on spiritual dogs and pigs
26. Jesus used sarcasm on Satan
27. Jesus was not commissioned to bless the dogs
28. Trillions of gallons of water to drown one man
29. When light is darkness
30. An angry Christ in a den of thieves
31. Answering a fool according to a fool
32. Heavy loads and burdens
33. A few fables and damnable heresies in today’s church
34. “Mystery Babylon the great, The Mother of harlots and abomination of     
      the earth”
35. How did our Lord conduct His whole public ministry?
36. Conclusion

                   Tithing is Unscriptural Under the New Testament
                                    Part’s 1 and 11 

              It is a sin to enforce tithing on New Testament Christians!   
            [A spiritual Exposition on the fraudulent fleecing of the flock]


                                          Part 1
1. Some shocking truths about the Christian tithing doctrine
2. All Scriptural references to tithing
3. Conclusion
4. Help the needy, not the greedy

                                          Part 11

                   Scriptural proof that Christian tithing is a hoax
                                The Malachi Prophecy

1. What we will learn
2. The Scriptures know nothing of “Christian tithing”
3. No tithing in the church of the Apostles
4. The mystery of Malachi revealed
5. Is it God, or Israel, who is doing the cursing in this verse?
6. The Christian interpretation of bringing in the tithe
7. Malachi and the bread of life
8. The type and shadow is far inferior to the reality
9. First the physical and then the spiritual
10. Fine flour and pure Frankincense vs. polluted bread
11. The end time church as Peter saw it
12. All physical types foreshadow spiritual realities
13. Bringing God your spiritual tithes will reap a spiritual blessing
14. The lesson of Malachi for the followers of Christ
15. We obey a spiritual law and our sacrifices are spiritual
16. Love not the world neither the things in the world
17. Money and the believer
18. Jesus came to fulfill the law, not to relive the law
19. The temple tax
20. Giving is voluntary
21. “How are we to pay the church bills if the people don’t tithe?
22. Giving versus tithing
23. The Apostle Paul versus Christian tithing
24. Christ’s only two example of tithing
25. How the apostle Paul financed his international ministry

                        “In the Day of  the Great Slaughter,
                         When the Towers Fall” (Isa. 30:25)

      [ Does the Bible Reference the Trade Center’s Twin Towers? ]


1. When is the end of this world?
2. Just how wealthy is America?
3. “The island at the center of the world”
         [ book title by  Russell Shorto ]
4. How Manhattan (New York City) came to be
5. Fast forward three and one-half centuries
6. The importance of symbolism
7. Isaiah 30
8. When Gentiles are Jews and Jews are not Jews
          [ Is American part of prophecy? ]
9. Isaiah 30:8 puts this prophecy way beyond his day
10. The United States and Egypt in prophecy
11. September 11, 2001
12. Why the towers collapsed
13. No other tower or wall collapse fits Isaiah’s prophecy
14. The ultimate weapon used by terrorists
          [ May I digress for one minute? ]
15. Falling stones versus total disintegration
16. Why judgment is coming on America
17. America - A Christ-like nation or a “Christian” nation?
18. Enter the 21st  century seers of God
19. Billy Graham at the National Cathedral, Washington, D.C.
20. America “Buckling?”
21. Twin towers just a prelude?
22. Why Tophet is ordained of old for the king
23. Context this…
24. Artist’s conception of the new World Trade Center
                        “Exposing Those Who Contradict”
    Ray Critiques 3  Damnable Sermons on “Hell” and Explains the Lazarus Parable

                                    John Hagee

                            The Seven Wonders of Hell

1. Eons or Forever
2. Your sermon on hell
3. Punished--Punishment
4. Time vs. eternity
5. The real gospel of Jesus Christ our Lord
6. More scriptural proof for the salvation of all
7. Conclusion

                                     James Kennedy

                    “What about those who have never heard?”

1. More double-talk
2. Your “ignorance defense”
3. The gospel of Christendom
4. The justice and fairness of hell
5. Conclusion

                                    James Kennedy

          “God is not responsible for the eternal fate of Africans”

1. Hell
2. Body
3. Spirit
4. Soul
5. Your analogy
6. TV analogy
7. Free will
8. Responsibility
9. Good and evil
10. Free will vs. God’s intention
11. Relative vs. absolute
12. Are we saved by chance?
13. The King of Assyria
14. God creates and uses evil for good
15. God and providence
16. Conclusion

                            Lazarus And The Rich Man
      Proof that Lazarus and Rich Man are dead in their graves awaiting judgment

     [A Scriptural Journey Through the Intriguing Parable of Lazarus and the Rich Man]

1. Parable defined
2. Parables may mention identifiable persons
3. Jesus speaks to the masses in parables only
4. A five-part parable
5. Parables must always be interpreted
6. The parable of Lazarus and the Rich man
7. A verse by verse analysis
   - Does a well-dressed wealthy man spell sin?
   - Is poverty and sickness a virtue?
8. Contradictions of a literal interpretation
   - What really happens in Hades ?
   - Death is like sleep
   - Where did Christ go when He died?
   - Not all pain is physical
   - Does God sentence before He judges?
   - Millions of gallons of water in hell
   - Did the rich man know who Moses was?
   - Declare unto us the parable…

                     The parable of Lazarus and the rich man
                             [ A scriptural explanation]

1. Hebrews, Israelites, and Jews
2. Why parables?
3. The parable
4. The rich man identified
5. “Judah!”
6. Abraham’s bosom
7. Faith of the Gentiles
8. Lazarus identified
9. God’s call is now to the Gentiles
10. What is the great gulf?
11. The rich man’s sin
12. Historic and prophetic Judah
13. Jews still reject Jesus
14. The blind can’t see
15. Salvation of the rich man (Judah and Israel)
16. God is operating all
17. Father of the faithful


                            The “Lake of Fire” Series
                                          Part I
                The Book of Revelation is a Book of Symbols


1. Five general scenarios
2. Three false assumptions
3. Literal or symbolic?
4. Biblical figures of speech
5. Parables are not literally true stories
6. Making the simple complicated
7. Keeping the simple, simple
8. Physical fire versus spiritual fire
9. God is this lake of fire?

                                         Part II

                       The Origin of Satan, Evil, and Sin


1. The real origin of sin
2. Only God is responsible
3. Fate of the shuttle victims
4. A famous theologian’s view of the gospel
5. Did God create an unpredictable world?
6. Three possible answers
7. Whence Satan the Devil?
8. The illusion of free will
9. Never forget the ‘Lord’s prayer’
10. Who is accountable for the crucifixion of Jesus?
11. A few thoughts regarding Christendom
12. They speak with forked-ed tongue

                                       Part III

     Judgment By Fire Must First Begin at the House of God


1. God’s two areas and eras of judgment
2. The believer’s judgment by fire
3. Back to spiritual basics
4. The call of Paul
5. For what did Paul volunteer?
6. When grace is a verb
7. Punishing vs. chastening
8. Punishment and the gospel
9. Grace and judgment
10. Keep these scriptures in mind
11. Become perfect
12. God is a consuming fire

                                            Part IV

                       Seeing and Understanding the Invisible


1. Understanding spiritual things
2. Parables, parables, and more parables
3. Parables are spiritual
4. Isaiah was not a false prophet
5. Disciples did not understand Christ’s parables
6. Sinners saved after death
7. Two stupid arguments
8. Turning the spiritual into the physical
9. The three festivals and the salvation of all
10. Jesus taught the purpose of the fall harvest
11. Enter the prophet Benny
12. Every man saved in his own order
13. Then comes the end
14. To be “in Christ” is salvation
15. When is it too late to be saved?
16. God the farmer
17. Destroyed, perished, and lost

                                            Part V

                     A Scriptural Explanation of the Lake of Fire

1. “The flesh profits nothing / My words are Spirit”
2. Do you love your enemies?
3. We must believe the scripture
4. Do you believe the scriptures?
5. The keys to spiritual interprretation
6. What does “spiritual” mean?
7. A spiritual match
8. Examining the metaphors and symbols of, 1 Co. 3
9. We are God’s garden
10. We are God’s building
11. Love is the key to dwelling with God

                                            Part VI

                              The Two Judgments by Fire


1. Jesus Christ-the Rock
2. Who is the man, the Christ?
3. Take heed how you build
4. Everything is relative
5. (The Savior of all men, specially believers)
6. The life of a believer- 7 things to have as a believer
7. Revealed and tried by fire
8. Salvation by fire
9. Scripture must interpret scripture
10. Brimstone in the lake of fire
11. Some properties of sulfur
12. Scripture use of figurative fire
13. Symbolic brimstone
14. Origin of the word ’brimstone’
15. First the physical and then the spiritual
16. Jerusalem’s spiritual sister is Sodom
17. Jerusalem is far worse than the very worst
18. It all began at Babel

                                            Part VII

                    Church Heresy Came Long Before Bible Errors


1. The seven symbolic churches of Revelation
2. First: a spiritual sidebar
3. Not many wise are called
4. No error-free Bible translations
5. A translation illustration
6. Is the King James Bible inerrant?
7. There ain’t no hell in the manuscripts
8. Errors in the King James
9. First kill the children
10. Straining “at” a gnat?
11. Jesus or Joshua?
12. The King James and William Tyndale
13. The disciples struggled with Christ’s words
14. Understanding comes only from the Spirit
15. Wealthy young man turns down apostleship
16. Counting the cost
17. Idols of the heart
18. Seldom a sermon on the 7 churches of God
19. The 7 churches are God’s churches
20. “The foolishness of preaching”
21. Is the book of Revelation a history or a prophecy?
22. Defining: “come quickly”
23. When is the time at hand that Jesus comes quickly?
24. Seven means complete
25. The seven churches are one church
26. Preter who?
27. Jesus often repeated His self
28. The Devil makes man mindful of physical things
29. It takes spiritual ears to hear spiritual words
30. Behold I come quickly
31. All overcomers receive all rewards
32. A little history of God’s church
33. The Scribes, Pharisees, Sadducees, and chief Priests
34. Woe, Woe, woe
35. Enter the chief Priests- the Holiest of the Holies
36. Paul the Pharisee
37. Blameless zeal
38. High Priest endorses slaughter of Christ’s church
39. Paul hated the church of God
40. Is the New covenant the old covenant in your heart?
41. The chief of sinners was the perfect law keeper
42. Pharisees always command keeping the law of Moses
43. God’s people are still scattered and persecuted

                                           Part VIII

                       Where is the  Church that Jesus Built?


1. Persecuted and scattered abroad
2. “The” church vs. “My” church
3. Defining “church”
4. The “called” and the “not called”
5. Are you “called and chosen” or just “called”?
6. The church of God from our common era--year “0” A.D.
7. Jesus goes to church
8. Unscrupulous peddlers of  God’s Word
9. A quick history of the church before Revelation
10. The church of God in Christ grows
11. Persecution comes quickly
12. The apostle to Israel and the nations
13. Paul’s twenty-five year gospel tour
14. Paul saw the handwriting on the wall
15. Adulterating hucksters of God’s Word         
16. Modern TV religious sideshow auctioneers
17. The church after Paul’s departure
18. Who are the ‘false Christs’?
19. God’s final prophecy to, for, and about, The Church of God
20. Revelation is to and for the seven churches
21. More instructions on having ‘ears to hear’
22. The Spirit promises spiritual rewards to overcomers
23. The church of Ephesus   
24. The church of Smyrna
25. The church in Pergamos
26. The church in Thyatira
27. The church in Sardis
28. The church in Philadelphia
29. The church of the Laodiceans
30. From glory to glory
31. To him that overcomes…

                                           Part IX

                        The Lucifer Hoax and the Mission of Satan


1. The life and mission of Satan the serpent devil
2. Satan always shows up where he is needed
3. Satan attempts the impossible
4. One of the biggest lies in all Christendom
   (“How art thou fallen from heaven, O Lucifer”)
5. Who or what is ‘Lucifer’?
6. The untold origin of “Lucifer”
7. Lucifer is a Christian hoax
8. God gives us the reasons why people are told to ‘howl’
9. Maybe the Prince of Tyrus is Satan
10. Was Abraham’s wife, Sarah in the Garden of Eden also?
11. Are babies born, or does God create them?
12. What are Cherubs?
13. I beheld Satan as lightning fall from heaven
14. God’s heaven is higher than man’s heaven

                                           Part X

                The Synagogue of Satan - There’s One Near You


1. Satan’s role in salvation
2. The requirement for perfection
3. Nothing has ever malfunctioned according to God’s plan!
4. The phantom of ‘Free’ will revisited
5. A few of the evils that God uses in saving the world
6. Billy Graham defends God against evil
7. God needs no defense from evil
8. Nothing has ever gone against God’s plan or intention
9. Satan was cast out into the earth
10. Satan - destroyer of the flesh
11. Satan deceives the whole world
12. The following for mature readers only
13. But where is Satan now?
14. The throne and synagogue of Satan located
15. Him which is, and which was, and which is to come
16. A Truth no longer told in Sunday school or church
17. Where is the synagogue of Satan
18. The throne of Satan the devil also located
19. Where is pergamos today?

                                           Part XI

                       The Depth of Satan -- Who is Antipas?


1. The depth of Satan and the church of God
2. The greatest depth of evil is found only in the church
3. Where should I go to church?
4. My last day of church
5. Christ and the synagogues
6. Stephen and the synagogue
7. Paul and the synagogues
8. Christ prophesies regarding the synagogues
9. The function of the synagogue
10. The church of God in private houses
11. The milk but not the meat
12. Does Jesus reside and dwell in the church?
13. Christians did not gather to worship God in the synagogues
14. A few definitions
15. To which church do I belong?
16. Christ after the flesh versus Christ after the Spirit
17. The Old Covenant versus the New Covenant
18. A tale of two Jerusalem’s
19. Mount Sinai and the 10 Commandments are bondage
20. What is the purpose for the Mosaic Law?
21. Not forsaking the assembling of ourselves together
22. The seat - throne and dwelling place of Satan located
23. Who is Antipas?
24. In the midst of the seven golden candlesticks

                                            Part XII

                           God Judges the World in a Pond


1. Whence the word lake?
2. Safety and security in the divine lake of fire
3. Only God is the sovereignty of the sea
4. Jesus Christ is our covering
5. Jesus Christ is the covering shelter of the whole world
6. Fire in the lake
7. God is calling you to be a part of His marvelous plan
8. The world is groaning for it knows not what
9. Hope and blessed assurance in the day of judgment
10. The saints shall judge the world
11. Judges, Lord’s, Priests and Kings
12. The symbol of the sea
13. Many waters
14. The sea
15. The sea of Galilee versus the lake of fire
16. What sins are tormented in the lake of fire?
17. Calming the raging waves of the sea
18. God’s ministers are flames of fire
19. Not yet in the image of God
20. For you see your calling brethren
21. Counting the cost
22. All these things are possible with God

                                           Part XIII

                               Who is the Beast? -- 666?


1. The beasts of Revelation
2. Whence the beast with seven heads and ten horns?
3. Another wild beast
4. I stood upon the sand of the sea
5. The spiritual symbol of the sand
6. Jesus Christ - the only lasting and sure foundation
7. There is hope for the builders on sand
8. The house upon the Rock
9. Who is able to make war with the wild beast?
10. When first we see the beast
11. Mystery, Babylon the great, the mother of Harlots and abominations of   
      the earth 
12. God calls His people out of the very church that He called them into!
13. Sea, earth, and heaven
14. Who are the saints?
15. “I will build my church -- John to the seven churches”
16. Jesus Christ is the sounding trumpet
17. All fall away
18. There must come a ’falling away’ first
19. The number 666

                                           Part XIV

                                   The Beast Within     


1. Except there come a falling away first
2. All scripture is for our admonition
3. Turning our idols of the heart into powder
4. God’s Word says that man is a beast
5. The beast within -- the man of sin -- the son of perdition
6. If ye be circumcised, Christ shall profit you nothing
7. Just what is carnality
8. When will I see the beast within?
9. After we fall away
10. The man of sin identified
11. What does Paul mean by “the temple of God”
12. The day of the Lord and 11 Thessalonians 11     
13. Before the Day of the Lord can come to you
14. How Christendom perceives the coming of the man of sin 
15. Behold, the ’man of sin’ on international TV
16. The parenthetical statement is for believers only
17. We are all prodigal sons
18. Let me know

                                         PART 15    

                                Installment XV - Part A

                        The Myth of “Free Will” Exposed  


1. The myth of free-will
2. Why all of the fuss over free will?
3. Does man really choose to go to hell?
4. The man of sin is a beast who thinks he is a God
5. Even the disciples did not recognize the beast within
6. Differentiating between God’s stated will and His plan or intentions
7. Did Pharaoh have free will?
8. Who has resisted God’s will?
9. God is the Potter and we are the pot
10. God will save all of His “pots”
11. God never changes
12. Foreknowledge contradicts free will
13. God uses our stupid wisdom to show us our folly
14. The wisdom of this world
15. “Free will” defined
16. In the beginning -- in the garden
17. The 10 commandments are not spiritual
18. Sin begins in the heart
19. Love not the world -- three categories of sin
20. “Cause and effect”-- the first edict of the universe
21. It is impossible to un-ring a bell
22. God causes laws
23. Back to mother Eve again
24. What caused Eve to sin willingly?
25. What caused Adam to sin willingly?
26. It all starts with the heart
27. Subjected to vanity not willingly
28. The source of all power
29. Can the Ethiopian change his skin, or the leopard his spots?
30. The law of sin and death

                                           Part B    

                           The Myth of Free-Will Exposed


1. Only the Spirit can cause the carnal mind to repent
2. Limited free will
3. What God says ‘can’t be’, men say ‘can be’
4. The scriptural process of conversion
5. Free indeed
6. Only God delivers from bondage
7. Jesus Christ did not posses free will
8. Undeniable examples against free-will-choice
9. Joseph and his brethren had no free will-choice
10. Lemons to lemonade?
11. The nation of Israel had no free will-choice
12. Israel’s history and destiny was in God’s hands
13. All is of God and from God
14. Job didn’t have free will-choice
15. Samson and his wife had no free will-choice
16. They knew not that it was of the Lord

                                           Part C

                          The Myth of ‘Free Will’ Exposed


1. The myth of ‘free will’ exposed
2. Satan and the angels did not have “free-will”
3. One of these created wicked forces was a serpent
4. Even God’s chosen elect were once deceived
5. The invisible hand of deception
6. God has perfectly choreographed His creation
7. The Christmas tsunami in Indonesia-all is if God
8. Can you handle the Truth?
9. God the creator of evil
10. The purpose for which God created evil
11. Job’s trial answers many enigmas
12. The kingdoms of Satan and his role as adversary
13. All the biblical examples of what God allows
14. Now a few biblical examples of what God causes
15. God causes evil in the city
16. A quick study on the purpose for humanity
17. Another translation nightmare
18. God did not put ‘eternity’ in the heart of mankind
19. The king of Assyria’s obscured heart versus the sovereignty of God
20. God’s judgment against thinkers of free-will
21. Clay does not possess self-determinision
22. Judged now or judged later

                                           Part D

                              The Myth of Free-Will Exposed


1. Everything has a precise appointed time
2. How intellectually and spiritually honest are you?
3. Tis true: our days are numbered
4. God is a stickler for details
5. God’s people are in Babylon
6. The king of Babylon comes out of Babylon
7. Irony of Ironies
8. A word about Arminianism, Calvinism, and free will
9. A brief comparative study of Arminianism and Calvinism
10. The unscriptural ‘fall of man’

                                           Part 15

                                 Installment XVI - Part A


                  [Hebrew: sheol translated - “pit” and “grave”]


1. Are the dead, dead?
2. Hell is a word and a doctrine
3. Two definitions of hell
4. Is hell fire a literal fire in a literal place?
5. What ‘literal means’ means
6. Can hands and feet and eyes literally offend?
7. Can cutting off your hands forgive offenses?
8. The gospel that no one understood
9. Better to enter life halt or maimed
10. What is “Hell” translated from?
11. One of the most important points of this whole series
12. All Old Test. Scriptures on hell
13. Sheol translated “pit”
14. Sheol translated “grave”
15. Can contradicting opposites define one word?
16. What have we learned so far about sheol-hades?
17. A closing thought

                                       HELL: Part B


1. The damnable heresy of eternal hell
2. The 31 hells in the King James Old Testament
3. Is sheol the same as the grave?
4. Heads = grave, tails = hell
5. They look like Shenanigans to me
6. The positive side of sheol-grave-hell
7. The only Old Test. Reference to fire and judgment
8. The blessings and the cursings
9. A few hints of an afterlife
10. Conclusion

                                      HELL: Part C


1. The origin of endless punishment
2. A general chronology of the Old. Testament
3. Adam and Eve were never warned by God of endless punishment
4. Cain was never warned by God of endless punishment
5. No one before the flood was warned of endless punishment
6. Sodom ans Gomorrah were never warned by God of endless punishment
7. God’s Word neither contradicts nor lies
8. The religion of contradictions and square circles
9. Immortal soul?
10. Dr. Strong’s use of contradictions and square circles
11. New Testament Jews believed old pagan doctrines
12. The sin of a man born blind:
13. Beelzebub- Lord of the flies:
14. Reincarnation/transmigaration of souls:
15. Parables- the rich man in hell-hades:
16. Egypt- the grandson of Noah
17. Bibical chronology
18. The beginning of nations and the spread of civilization
19. Christendom continues to perpetuate Satan’s first recorded lie
20. The world’s first lie is still alive and well in the church
21. Do believers in Christ never die?
22. Believers do not die for the eon
23. Do belivers already possess eonian life?
24. Paul knew that deceased believers are dead
25. Heresy of heresies
26. The unscriptural Apostles’ Creed
27. The origin of all things according to the Egyptians
28. The evolution of Egypt’s doctrines   
29. The first Egyptian heaven on the solar boat of RA
30. The Christian version of the happy hunting ground
31. Mummies, bodies, and flesh
32. Satan’s trinity of man
33. The Christian church is tha Roman church
34. The Christian Sabbath:
35. The church is oblivious to the commands of God
36. Keeping the dumb sheep dumb
37. Historical proof the worst church doctrines are Egyptian
38. Historians acknowledge the invention of paganism
39. The Christianization of paganism
40. Christmas trees, Easter eggs, and Sheila-ma-gigs
41. Did God make Egypt the source of divine revelation?
42. God’s view of the theology and wisdom of Egypt
43. So what does it all mean?
44. Something to think about till next time

                                 HELL: Part D1

                    The "Christian hell" is a Christian HOAX

1. The Christian hell is "The Way of The Heathen" that God Forbad Israel to learn
2. The court of Osiris in the Egyptian underground called: "The Island of Fire"
3. Revelations of heaven anf hell by seven youths
4. Just another Christian boogeyman
5. Consider Andrea Yates and her five children in the Christian heaven and hell
6. If there is a Christian hell, it is filled with grandmothers and pregnant women
7. A definition of the Christian hell
8. How often did Jesus speak of an eternal hell of torture?
9. The word "Hell" is found only twenty-three times in the entire King James New
10. How Israel learned about the hells of the pagans
11. Should every place of slaughter be called "Hell?"
12. All occurrences of the word "hell" in the New Testament translated from the
     Greek "Gehenna"

                                   HELL: Part D2

                         Tophet And Molech In Hinnom  


1.  Depictions of Moloch/Molech: Baal of the Canaanites
2.  Another speculation on how Molech may have looked
3.  Ancient Tophet
4.  Tophet in the 21st century
5.  Is this a modern sacrifice to Molech?
6.  Self-sanctifying, idol sacrificing, swine and mice eating, are but symbols of
     far greater sins
7.  Rabbinic dogma, tradition, and fables on Gehenna
8.  Some of the strangest scriptures in the Bible
9.  Judgment in anciet Israel under the law of Moses
10.  Did Christ's statement fail?
11.  Anger... Raca... Fool...

                                   HELL: Part D3

             The sermon on the mount is for Christ's disciples
             The sermon on the mount is for you! now!


1.  Christian art, photos, and illustration
2.  Jesus and His disciples on the mount
3.  The principles of first usage
4.  Gehenna fire is judgment fire on all God’s elect
5.  Christ’s judgments are upon us, not the world
6.  The time has already come for our judgment
7.  What does the sermon on the mount really teach us?
8.  The sermon on the mount is preparation for the new covenant
9.  Maybe the most enigmatic scripture in all the Bible
10. Four judgments of Jesus

                                   HELL: Part D4
                            GEHENNA FIRE JUDGMENT
                [Gehenna Judgment Begins with God's Elect]


1.  Judgment as defined by scripture is good
2.  God's strange judgments on His church
3.  God doesn't rapture His people out of tribulation:
     He puts them through tribulation
4.  Too many notes [definitions of words in scripture]
5.  Life is all about change
6.  Angelic trumpeters carrying the books of the deeds
7.  The Beatitudes and the similitudes
8.  The function of spiritual judgment, council, gehenna fire, and prison
9.  How do we "exceed" the righteouness of the Pharisees?
10. Is there eternal fire and immortal worms in gehenna?
     Unquenched fire:
     Eternal fire:
     Worn dies not:
11. Eleven terms on four occasions Jesus speaks of gehenna
12. The final mail in the coffin for eternal hell fire

                                     HELL: Part E

                          Hades and the Second Death

1.  All occurrences of Greek "Hades" translated "Hell"
2.  Defining the Greek word "Hades"  
3.  Jesus--4 times
4.  Disciples--4 times
5.  The first occasion Jesus mentioned Hades
6.  Does anyone ever pay attention to the words?  
7.  Three lessons on judgment found in the verses:
8.  What Hades is and what Hades is not:
9.  The second occasion Jesus mentions Hades  
10. The third occasion Jesus mentions Hades  
11. Lazarus us a parable:
12. The forth occasion Jesus mentions Hades  
13. The seventh mention of Hades is by Apostle John  
14. Some references to judgment on the wicked:  
15. Some references to judgment upon the Elect:
16.  All fires are the same one "consuming fire" of God
       -Gehenna fire is judgment:  
       -Gehenna fire is the fire never quenched:  
       -Gehenna fire is the furnace of fire:  
       -Gehenna fire is everlasting [eonian] fire:  
       -Gehenna fire/eonian fire is the Lake of Fire:  
       -"For our God is A CONSUMING FIRE" (Heb. 12:29).
       -FIRE & JUDGMENT on God's Elect:
       -FIRE & JUDGMENT on the UNGODLY:
17.  The second death
18.  God's Elect must die the second death through judgment  
19.  God's Elect must die the second death in fire
20.  A spiritual sidebar: "And the sea gave up the dead"  
21.  When do God's Elect die once before their second death?  
22.  The fifth mention of Hades is by Luke
23.  The sixth mention of Hades is by Apostle John
24.  The eighth mention of Hades is by Paul
25.  Some interesting facts regarding hades:  



             Twelve God - Given Truths To Understand His Word

    “None of the wicked shall understand; but the Wise shall understand”
                                   (Daniel 12:10)

                Is God a Closed Trinity or an Expanding Family?
                     God Is Not A Trinity Of Three Persons
                 [A scriptural refutation of the trinity theory]


1. The “Holy Spirit”
2. Who and what is God
3. Who and what is Jesus Christ?
4. Who or what is the Holy Spirit?

                  Exposing the “Secret Rapture” Theory

                   A Divisive Theory Deceiving Millions!

                         [A Scriptural Refutation]

             [“That there should be no schism in the Body”]


1. Rapture doctrine causes division
2. Personal observations
3. How this study got started
4. What is the Rapture?
5. Arguments for the Rapture followed by scriptural rebuttals
6. The Rapture premise   
7. Different details - same event
8. Resurrection was never a secret
9. The Day of the Lord
10. Proof for when the Day of the Lord will come
11. Day of the Lord comes as a thief
12. All saints are rescued from the coming indignation
13. Israel’s resurrection day is unknown
14. Our Lord does not return to His saints by Himself alone
15. That there may be no shism in the Body
16. Sonship, glory, covenants, legislation, divine service, and promises
17. Drowsers are not locked out of the kingdom
18. Arguments from the booklet: Consolation in Expectation
19. Quotes from Peter’s teaching on Christ’s return
20. Quotes from Paul’s teaching on Christ’s return
21. All peoples are saved by the same formula
22. Paul’s formula for salvation
23. Here is Peter’s formula for salvation
24. Paul’s gospel was not perplexing
25. Secret rature for saints? Or second coming for Jews?
26. Rapture of the wicked
27. From where do we judge?

                          Speaking in Unknown Tongues
              A God-Given Spiritual Manifestation of the SPIRIT?  
                 Or, a Carnal Physical Display of the FLESH?


1. Trying the Spirits
2. The only three examples of speaking in Tongues
3. Clarifying some very important words
4.The purpose and principles for speaking in lanuages
5. The gifts of the Spirit versus a more excellent way
6. What are “diversities of languages“?
7. Do all speak with languages?
8. Did Paul speak the languages of angels?
9. Paul explains the proper use of the gift of languages
10. The message must be understandable to all
11. Has the gift of languages ceased?
12. Using languages in private
13. Praying with groanings

                              Winning Souls For Jesus?

                       ( two billion strong and counting…?)


1. “…Shall He find faith on the earth?”
2. Can you ‘win’ souls for Christ?
3. God predetermines who gets saved and when
4. Will more money save more people?
5. Light and salt don’t argue or make noise
6. How to demonstrate your knowledge of the Truth

                           Paul’s “Splinter in the Flesh”

                                 Its Identity Revealed

                              (A Scriptural Explanation)


1. What was Paul’s “splinter in the flesh”?
2. Sufficient for you is my grace
3. Withdraw from me
4. Paul’s bizarre life
5. The trial’s of Paul
6. Transcendence vs. inordinately

                    “Ray is a Cult” - Florida Bible College                        
                 Ray answers Florida Bible College professor


                    Ray answers many emails -- a sample
              A “doctor” challenger Ray’s Bible Knowledge


                            Is “Everlasting” Scriptural?
                      A wanna-be scholar challenges Ray



          Word study on “aionios”:   ‘Aionios’ life means eternal life  

                                “The Kiss of Death”
                              Is your love pure or fake?


                           Which Bible Translation is Best?
    The King James was Not Translated Directly from Hebrew and Greek Manuscripts


                       An Encouraging Thought About Death
                           What is the State of the Dead ?


                                Praying By God’s Rules
                    God’s prayer rules are simple but not easy


1. The greatest drama of the ages
2. Seven scripture principles governing prayer
3. An amazing scripture on prayer hidden in the King James
4. The so-called “Lord’s prayer”!
5. So what should we pray for?

              [Does Jesus condemn or condone homosexuality?]


1.  A silly argument
2.  What is homosexuality?
3.  Three categories of perverted sex
4.  These perversions are condemned in scripture
5.  Men with men and women with women
6.  What was “against nature?”
7.  What did Paul mean by “unseemly?”
8.  The rest of Paul’s proclamation against homosexuals
9.  Homosexuality in America
10.  As long as it doesn’t hurt anyone
11.  Doesn’t nature teach us the proper use of sex?
12.  I was born this way [in search of the elusive homosexual gene]
13.  God is the law-giver and determines what is sin
14.  God condemns all lust for sex
15.  The 7th and 10th commandments bookend homosexuality
16.  God’s remedy for sexual gratification



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