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a miracle

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God is so good! Here is an ultrasound pic of our baby bean at 9 wks 5 days:

he/she has a good strong heart beat and will be making the scene in early November.

With God's love and peace,


Congrats Debbie and Joe!!

What wonderful News!!!

I wish you all well!!


congratulations Debbie and Joe and the rest of you Beelers and Beelers to be  :) =D>

Thanks Chrissie and Frank!

We are very excited! Dakota has waffled on the idea of being a big sister - some days it is a great idea; other days, not so. I know, in the end, she will be a great big sister!

Dakota has been predicting a baby sister for a while now (even before we thought another child was in our future). We'll see if she's right.  :D

when our three kids were a lot younger the eldest daughter would say "i wanna take her" and then swoop on the younger daughter and get her in a bear hug then lift her up and carry her around the room, we'd be forever saying "put her down" "don't drop her".


good memories, truly He is the God of families.



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