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Author Topic: Ode to the Gourd Magnus Opus  (Read 2174 times)

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Ode to the Gourd Magnus Opus
« on: December 27, 2006, 02:16:38 AM »

Hello to All,

  Something has put this on my hear to share with you all.  I usually do not do these things, but the Spirit is getting pretty insistent that I share this.  So here goes.  I hope you all enjoy.  Ran across this the other day.

  Part I - written by Anne C. McGuire
            November 11, 2003

            Whom should I send.

  For the last few evenings I have let my thoughts
    wander in regards to the gourds that life upon the non-table.
  There are many and yet they are the same.
  They come from different backgrounds and yet are headed to the same destination.
  They are unused to the light that shines upon them.
  They have been used to the darkness that knows no light.

  Some are small, some are large.
  Some are uneven, some are battle-scarred.
  Some are assymetrical, and some are webble-wobbled.
  Yet in my eyes they are perfect.

  As the gourds lie on the non-table in front of the everlasting light,
  Many of the gourds have had to endure many a fight,
  To place themselves in front of their Maker.
  It is to the gracious Creator
  That they owe their being and their lives.

  I see some gourds who have been on this journey since their birth.
  I see some gourds who have come home after circling the earth for peace and heaven.
  I see some gourds who are basking in the candlelight.
  I see some gourds who are looking outside in to the night
  At the gourds that are uninvited and are on the outside.

  If only those precious gourds who feel alienated
  could only realize that they too are in their Maker's light.
  If they could only see the love that shines out our Master's eyes.
  If only they could be set free from the lies
  That enslaves them, and the boundaries that
  Hold them captive.
  Oh if they would only come to share and live outside of themselves.

  "Who among you are willing to lay down your rights, privaliges, comfort zones,
  And go to those in need? 
  Many of the gourds placed rings of slavery and entrapment into the mud,
  They placed practices and prejudices down as well.
  Yet it takes one to say "Here am I, send Me."

  My precious children, I have died for you, but I also did die
  For those that miserably lie
  Outside of the accepted ring, who lie in despair.
  Do any of you, my precious children dare
  To go into the darkness to bring these, the least back into my fold and
  To show them that life means so much to treasure and hold?"

  My brothers and sisters is it not time that we ended the hate and the lines of separation
  That lies between us and them, that throws them into utter confusion?
  Is it not time to unite as one
  To bring these little ones home?
  I am tired of the boundaries that lie between us.
  I am tired of the great fuss
  We make if the other gourds are not perfect.
  Who among us is perfect, it is no one,
  And yet it is everyone.
  Look to the inside, to the inner-core of yourselves,
  And you will find the answer.
  Look and you will find Jesus.

  Many of us feel quite at ease doing this.
  But can we see Jesus inside the other gourds?
  Are we ready to look beyond us and acknowledge
  That Jesus is in all of us?
  Can we see our Savior's eyes?
  Are we ready and willing to conform to nonconformity?

  My Precious children, by children of the Light.
  You have lived in the darkness of the night
  Long enough.  Share what you have teasted and known is to be good.

  Little Ones if you are not ready,
  Then I have a tale to tell you that has
  Set you and the others free.

  Imagine a hill that is rugged and rough,
  A hill that is dusty and dry.
  Upon that hill, toward heaven did ascend a cry,
  "My God, My God why hast thou forsaken me?"
  I one without sin, did place my crown, robe
  And scepter in my Father's hand
  And did try to bridge and understand
  The gulf of despair, sickness, sadness,
  That has plagued humankind ever since that blasted snake
  Did bid Adam and Eve the fruit to eat.
  I did not have to come down from my splendor,
  My place that I call home,
  Where day and night I am forever worshipped.
  Yet, I did, becuase of my love was so great
  For those who were outcasts
  Those who were accustomed to the outside.

  I was severely whipped, my hands which had healed and blessed many,
  Were now nailed to a beam of wood by hands that meant to hurt and kill.
  Upon my head was pressed a crown of thorns, instead of that glorious diadem which
  I have worn and will forever wear.
  My feet which had run to spread good-tidings of joy, these too
  Were nailed to the cross.

  My little ones if you think you cannot reach out and love others,
  Think how far my arms reached out that day,
  And what held them nailed to the cross.

  Now Whom Shall I Send?"

  Part II - Written by David Flippin
             November 11, 2003
            "Commission - Our Great Strength and Mission"

  Here you are today, ready to go
  Where it is only God who knows.
  But as you go to the world today
  Don't forget to take God along your way.

  Here you are sitting on the non-table
  Your mind and heart ready and able
  To spread the joy and love with a shout.
  Knowing there will come about
  That blasted snake will come around,
  You will see him crawling on the ground
  Coming to deceive many with his words
  Saying that there is no Lord.

  Do not fall victim to this foe.
  He comes in many sizes and shapes you know.
  We all know through God he was made.
  So there is hope in all different shades.

  Don't let him steal your song of hope.
  Lean on Jesus and he will help you cope
  Through the times of lowness and doubt
  And when the devil has stolen your shout.

  You may think that you are no good
  To speak a word or that you never could.
  God can use the littlest one
  He, who goes in the Name of the Son.

  You don't need to speak very well
  For salvation's story to tell.
  Just open your heart and mouth to speak.
  God can use just a little peep.

  When after the snake is gone
  And we join the heavenly throng,
  All trials will soon be o'er
  And with Jesus, our hearts will soar.

  O weary soul, who needs such rest
  To face the Dark Lord's test
  To dodge the many arrows thrown
  And calm all the fears that have grown

  That cause your heart to bleed
  For your words, actions, or deeds.
  Remember, to read the final page of the Book
  Be not afraid on it to look
  For it sheds a great light
  It talks of One's great might
  He who holds the final way
  On that Great Judgement Day.

  Part III - Written by Anne C. McGuire
              July 11, 1999
              "Changes - Magnus Opus"

  Heart felt warmest greetings
  Tear-felt saddest farewells,
  Life is this, nothing more
  Or is it something deeper
  With hidden shaded meanings?

  Autumn, Winter, Spring, and Summer
  The seasons ever changing
  The year is born and withering
  Life is so full of meaningless
  Or is it something more wonderful
  Than my soul can fathom?

  E=mc2, x=-b plus or minus the square root of b sqaured minus 4ac all divded by 2a,
  The set of aleph null containg infinity
  Are forever never changing.
  How I wish life would be as
  A formula that never undergoes
  A metamorphasis which
  Yields something different and uncertain.

  The music beings as a single note
  Yet evolves to become a masterpiece.
  So, too, my life shall be.
  I wish my life to be a magnus opus
  Nothing more or Less
  Et In Terra Pax, Eternum Perficio.


  Brothers and Sisters I have something deep on my heart.  I have been feeling a call to minister to those withiin the "Church" walls.  I know that there are many people who are in there, becuase no one within their comfort zone can show them the way.  My heart aches for every Sunday that goes by as people grow more and more dead in their faith that are trapped in Babylong.  The Lord has blessed me with a gift of music, and I know that the music will play a huge part in this.  Please pray for me as I countinue to discern what it is that God wills me to do.

  I look forward to this journey.  I mentioned the other day that I was in the oasis of the desert and enjoying it.  But, that time is drawing to a close beucase I can feel that change in on the wind.  I am being called to go back, not becuase my faith is wavering, but becuase God is leading me to a place where I can help those lost in Babylong without losing myself.

  Pray that I get the strength and the guidance of God as I go about His Will.  I know that Satan will throw things in my way to distract me.  I will keep all of you updated as times goes on.  Thanks so much for being my spiritual family.  I love all of you.


  Anne C. McGuire


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Re: Ode to the Gourd Magnus Opus
« Reply #1 on: December 28, 2006, 03:38:44 PM »

Anne, I certainly will pray for you. I ask that you will pray for me too, that I might be a light to those around me. I share your concern for those who are trapped in that darkness (which APPEARS to be light). It is my experience that those who I've tried to witness to have had no desire to know and discover more, they seem to be content with their doctrines.


I also have a gift in music, what is your instrument(s)? Mine is the piano, plus I play some guitar. I also sang in a choir, but not right now. God bless you as you continue growing in love for others.

Here’s how to tell if you have faith; how do you live… what do you do… what do you accomplish in life… what are your goals… What is there about you that proves that you have this faith and belief inside of you? What?


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Re: Ode to the Gourd Magnus Opus
« Reply #2 on: December 29, 2006, 06:50:35 AM »


  Hi, how are you this morning?

  Yeah, most of them want to wallow around in the dark.  But there are a few that are where I was a couple years ago.  I will certainly keep you in my prayers. 

  I am a classical musician in Piano and Vocal.  When I go back to Texas Tech for school I will be continuing my Piano and Vocal Performance Majors as well as the Mathematics.  I am a church pianist, sing in the church choir, and teach piano and vocal lessons in my spare time.  I also compose music.  I am at work setting some of Ray's papers to Music, which reminds me to get permission from Ray to do that.  Ooopsies.

  May God bless you in your concern for those that are still trapped.  May God bless you in your life.
Thanks for responding to the post.  I apologize it was a rather long one.


  Anne C. McGuire


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Re: Ode to the Gourd Magnus Opus
« Reply #3 on: December 29, 2006, 10:53:36 AM »

Wow! I'm astonished! Ray's papers to music?? I can't wait to hear that! What an incredible idea!
I'm glad that you show concern for others no matter where they are in their walk.

Thank you for your prayers, they are deeply appreciated.
Here’s how to tell if you have faith; how do you live… what do you do… what do you accomplish in life… what are your goals… What is there about you that proves that you have this faith and belief inside of you? What?
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