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Author Topic: Born  (Read 4600 times)

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« on: December 26, 2006, 09:51:01 PM »

> Dear ray,
> I couldn't fall asleep and was wondering about the nature Greek language of the
> manuscripts. What is it about Greek that makes each word have one specific
> meaning? Can't words have two meanings? I guess we have to look at the force of
> the word and how its used but could we always be as certain as you seem to be in
> your papers?
> Thankfully His,
> Joed
> Ps I'm praying about going to Montclair state for a BA in religious studies. I
> want to become fluent in Hebrew and Greek. You don't know how much your website
> has impacted my life. I believe God used that time an abusive church to create
> this yearning for his truth found in his word. Thanks for being honest with
> yourself and scriptures.

Dear Joed:
It is not true that Greek words have only one specific meaning. Although Greek is
a very precise language as languages go, many of its words have several meanings,
and in some cases this is very important and sometimes difficult to distinguish.
For example in Greek 'gennao' means "bear, beget, be born, conceive."
At least in English we have the two distinct words: "conceive" and "born" which are
quite different in real life. Yet in the Greek to "conceive" is the same word as to "be born."
Hence the "born again" doctrine of all Christendom, when in reality, we only have a "conception"
in this life and are not fully born until we are born into the kingdom of God in resurrection.
God be with you,
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