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Author Topic: Preaching  (Read 4797 times)

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« on: December 26, 2006, 09:58:28 PM »

    > Hi Ray,
    > I've heard you say that God uses the "foolishness of preaching" to
    > bring people to him, and it seemed you were referencing even your own
    > preaching as being foolish. What makes your preaching foolish? Is
    > all preaching foolish?
    > My second question is, why do you think the bible says that "God is
    > working all things for the good of those that love him", when isn't it
    > true that God is working all things for the good of everybody? Thanks
    > for your replies, i look forward to you towers paper!
    > Sean

    Dear Sean:

    Yes, all human preachingis is "foolish" in that it can of itself produce NOTHING. Only if God empowers our foolishness, can it ever have any positive effect on converting another human being.

    No, God does NOT work all things together for good for the wicked in this life. That is why He has made both vessels of HONOR and vessels of DISHONOR. Certainly in the life to come in judgment, all will work for the good of the wicked being judged, but not in this lifetime.

    God be with you,


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