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Author Topic: Looking Forward to the Next  (Read 2128 times)

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Looking Forward to the Next
« on: December 27, 2006, 09:50:13 AM »

L. Ray (Mr. Smith),

I am an Electrician (not unlike a Roofer) who lives in Northern, Arizona. I have yet to meet anyone, in Flagstaff, who believes in the “Ministry of Reconciliation”.  My teenage daughters would come home from the church (building) in tears! Because they understood that their friends were not going to a literal Hell, but their parents told them otherwise with a great deal of hostility, even to the inclusion of having the Pastor confront my daughters on the sidewalk outside of the building. The Pastor used a certain text in the book of Revelation as an attempt to convince them of his truth, that there was a literal Hell. I am sure you know many of the v erses, so I will not quote them. Anyways, my second to the oldest began to correct him, Scripture upon Scripture.  As I approached, the youth leader joined the Pastor.  She caught my eye, hesitated, and then continued (out of love for the truth), even to explaining the LOST and PERISHED. My daughters are not strangers to Calvinists, Armenians (a cancerous confusion –CA), or to their agreement on Eternal Hell. Needless to say, their words (of God and His Word) fell on deaf ears! We stopped attending local church buildings, for obvious reasons.  Several months ago, I happened to come across, excellent, still waiting for 16d of the “Lake of Fire” series.  However, I also look forwar d to reading “In the Day of the Great Slaughter”, “When the Towers Fall”, mainly because when the twin towers came down, my daughter noticed Isaiah 30:25, and questioned the size-height of things to come. Perhaps we will be able to attend one of the meetings you hold, in this age. If not in this age, we will meet in the next!

God Bless,

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