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Author Topic: Driving Nails  (Read 2264 times)

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Driving Nails
« on: January 01, 2007, 09:06:27 PM »

Hello Mr. Smith,

Interestingly, I found your website while Googling Robert Tilton.  I have read a few of your viewers' questions and your responses and it seems the majority of them either directly or indirectly deal with the existence or nonexistence of Hell.  No offense but your interest in this subject borders on the obsessive.  It's not a bad thing for man to at least contemplate the subject occasionally for what's at stake but your level of contemplation seems quite beyond that of being reasonable.  I am not a scholar of the Bible but have read it a number of times and served the Lord in various ways over the years so I believe I have at the very least a layman's perspective of God's word and His plan for all of us.  I do believe in Hell as a real place as do most people, very knowledgeable people I might add, but I in no way would presume to even try and persuade you of that truth.  You obviously are quite set in your doctrine and the Lord only really knows what that doctrine is.  You see, your messages, again no offense intended, tend to ramble and come across in a demeaning fashion, alienating at least this reader and making it very difficult to stay aboard long enough to get to the end.  I am saved so I don't share the same concerns you apparenlty do regarding Hell.  You will let us all know, one day, if it is real or not...OK?

I also checked your site for information regarding your theological qualifications and learned, as I suspected, that you have none.  I don't have any theological qualifications either but then I don't have a website where I diligently try to impose my misguided beliefs on the wayward surfer/truth seekers.

Being a retired roofer you no doubt are adept at driving nails.  That seems to be a core qualification for someone who co ntinues to drive nails into our Saviour's hands.  Be careful Ray, you really are playing with fire.

In Christ I remain,

a man saved by grace.

    Dear Gavin:

    I would be a little more concerned about who you accuse of "driving nails into our Saviour's hands," if I were you, but I'm not, and so this is just a sincere admonition to you, as you may well see this very email of yours once again in Judgment.



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