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Author Topic: Sorry For You  (Read 4657 times)

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Sorry For You
« on: January 03, 2007, 05:40:24 PM »

Look I have to say something.
I am not a theologeon or a good speller or anything like that but you seem to be the only one which I have come across in my life to come up with some of these doctrines. I have ONLY read two of your 'doctrines' and they both are against what I believe to be the Truth.
1.) you seem to think that everyone will be saved and nobody will go to hell, like hell doesnt exist. There are clear indications that there is a literal hell of fire and people will perish (I know this will not shake your view) but WHAT THE HECK DO YOU THINK JESUS WAS TALKING ABOUT?? you need to get out from that computer of yours and go to the wisdom of many and spititually minded people and get some help - I think anyway.
2.) You think that those who just believe will soley be saved because of their confession of faith. we know that people who confess Jesus' lordship wont be saved dont we?
Read Matthew 7:15-23. especially 23 "I never knew you. Away from me you evil doers, [workers of lawlessness]" . James 2:19 point out that they (demons) know Jesus is Lord and on judgement day, Phill 2:10-11"that at the name of Jesus every knee should bow, in heaven and one earth and under the earth (hades, those awaiting their eternal punishment), and every tongue will confess that Jesus Christ is Lord.. ! does this confession mean that all will be saved? Dont be foolish!
You know I bet that you see the world through your eyes and see all churches doctrines as wrong and that somehow you have all the answers just because you have found scriptures which match what you want to see. I have seen how you have taken sctipture out of context, My God, may he show you another way of looking at the book, why are you looking at the bible with a microscope and missing the big picture - the bible is the theme of Redemption and the Gospel is the "Good news" that Jesus saves
3.) You claim that we are not to 'tango' with devils yet Jesus tells his disciples to go out and cast them out - I bet you have an answer for that also. Its like you think you have some kind of special knowledge - we know this sounds like gnosticism. I bet if you lined up 100 pastors from across every denomination who is a 'bible believing' pastor and put all your views to them, i bet you will have a 99+% disagreement (From what I have read anyway). Do you stake your whole life on these doctrines of yours and are you confident that you are in the right place with God?
No how many letters after your name, how many years are under your belt for bible study, the simple statement that John, and Jesus' first message was is simple "repent", turn to God and believe that in Faith [john 3:16] ( on the side James2:14-26 esp:v19&V26) that Jesus has taken away your sins by a statement of faith, which is out from the heart of a man. Faith AND Repentance is the key to salvation buddy, not faith alone and yes the bible is clear that people will perish. We then have to mature in faith and move away from sin so we sin no more and this can be done through the power of the Holy Spirit (you do believe in the Holy Spirit right - the 3rd person in the one Godhead (proof : Gen 26 ' Let US make man in OUR image..") [dude are you really that blind?] and as we mature in Christ, we are to follow the commandment and make people disciples of Christ. to be on the safe side of salvation, we all know that its about RELATIONSHIP WITH J ESUS, not about head knowledge, His sheep hear his voice.
Is it possible that you are blind? that you are one of the many people who are warned about in 2 John, are you that quick to hold your twisted and clearly solo views on the bible. Blind leading the blind buddy, get your heart out before God, not your intellect because its not your mind which will save you. my prayer is that before you leave this earth, you see the light in the way Jesus taught it because I dont see any fruit or any simple truth's because your out-of-context teachings are mostly wrong and you have been deceived in alot of areas from what I and others have seen. what percentage of your emails are negative? If the Internet is the only place you can promote your teachings because churches wont accept you, its because you MAY JUST BE one which weare told to watch out in 2 John - dont take that to me, ask God why you have to resolve to exclusivism and are always being confronted by Christians. You must admit this is a Huge prob lem in your 'ministry'.
Before God, you are accountable for your influence on the internet. Just think, that with this influence perhaps there are just one, think of the possibility, of just one area which may not be 100% sound and go from there to seek the truth because you sound like the kind of person who hold yourself fortified with your pride inside a castle of you and yourself, who will not let others influence you because you are the truth. Are you the truth? Only Jesus is that [John 14:6]
I can understand that if you were blind and these scriptures I have put before you (and ones without direct reference) do not change your mind(repent) to what the Scriptures actually say then I hope that you are corrected in other ways - either through your own studies or through others may you see the light.
I dont mean to come across mean, please read between the lines and see love, otherwise I would not have bothered with this big email.
Auckland, New Zealand.

Dear Corban:
Trust me, I fully understand your frustration with people like me. You wonder why, if I claim to believe in God and believe in the Bible, then why oh why do I deny PLAIN VERSES IN THE KING JAMES BIBLE?  Am I close to what you think of me?
First let me say, that I do NOT believe in the god that is spoken of in most Churches on most Sunday mornings. I realize that they make REFERENCE to the God of Scripture, but then TALK ABOUT the god of their bibles. Confused? Let me explain. Not only do I not believe in the "god" presented in most church sermons and writings, but I do not believe totally in their bibles. But let me hasten to say that I DO BELIEVE IN THE GOD OF THE SCRIPTURES.  What is the difference? There is NO WORD 'HELL' IN THE SCRIPTURES. THERE IS NO WORD 'ETERNAL,' 'EVERLASTING,' OR 'FOR EVER A-N-D EVER,' in the Scriptures--that is the Greek manuscripts from which most bibles are translated.
There are a half dozen words in the King James and all King James related Versions which are in total error. You may or may not be aware of the fact that they have made over FIFTY THOUSAND corrections in the King James since it was first published in 1611.  There are still, however, a half dozen very critical words that have not been corrected. There are many translations that have made these corrections, but not the NIV kind.  Here are a few truths that are not taught in Christendom. Without these truths, we have all the confusion in the church today.
[1]  God is SOVEREIGN
[2]  Hence, man has NO FREE WILL. He has a will, but it is not free to operate independant of God's foreknowledge.
[3]  God is love. God does tell us to LOVE OUR ENEMIES while He apparently HATES OUR GRANDPARENTS and burns them in hell for all eternity. Most people in the fabled hell of Christendom would HAVE to be grandparents. You can see this proved in my upcoming Part D of my "HELL" seres in my "Lake of Fire" series.
I understand all the Christian doctrines that you believe in, and I know why you believe those doctrines (trust me, I do). But what you don't know, is what I believe and WHY I believe what I believe (trust me, you don't). And that is why it behooves you to read the material on our site. You can disagree with my whole site. You can disagree with each article that I have written. But here is what you cannot do..........I said, YOU CANNOT DO, and that is you cannot QUOTE one statment of mine from any of my many articles, and then CITE TWO SCRIPTURES that prove my statement wrong. If you think you can, then do it. I have invited hundreds and hundreds of detractors to try this, but most do not even attempt it. And those who do, refuse to do what I ask:  ONE QUOTE and TWO SCRIPTURES that prove my statement wrong. Your Scriptures, however, must be found in the manujscripts from which your bible was translated.  Jesus never said, "You strain AT a gnat....." as your King James says, but rather "you strain OUT a gnat..." That, after all, is what strains are for. Just one simple example that even a child can see is not accurate translating.
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