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Author Topic: Prophet of hell  (Read 2778 times)

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Prophet of hell
« on: January 13, 2007, 10:52:20 PM »

    Oh yeh...when I saw Hell in fourth grade twice:

    It was the same feeling I had during the sunamis of 2004 that killed 600,000 people.  I had this horrible feeling for one hour straight.  That made me tell everyone it was "the day of destruction". This feeling is what some people would describe as a panic attack, but a panic attack is nothing compared to this in terms of severity.  Such a feeling is how you would feel if you died and your spirit started falling towards Hell. Its: "Oh no!!!(with sadness and pain and fear beyond comprehension)...I messed up!!!...I am going to Hell...and I am falling towards the whirl winds!!! No!!! Its all over regret and guilt all mixed up in one beyond what you could feel without actually starting to fall towards the whilrwinds (whirlwinds: these red spiraling gasses that come up from Hell I saw and that appearently another also saw who had a near death experience that wrote about this in a book recently -- for 16 years I never told anyone what I saw those two nigh ts in fourth grade when I woke up and ran through the house screaming -- I saw Hell and I knew I saw Hell...I just didn't tell anyone): type panic". Trust me when I had that feeling in 2004 I knew instantly what the feeling was and I had not had it for 16 was the feeling I had when I saw Hell in 4th grade in those two dreams and woke up screaming and woke up the whole family (8 other people running to see why I was screaming like a complete lunatic - imagine as loud as you can possibly scream for about a minute on end running running frantically down stairs and through the house) everyone came out of there beds to see what happened...but when I had the feeling in 2004 I was awake and I had it for an hour...

    I had this feeling for one hour straight during the sunamis and I was in the hospital with blood clots...I rang the nurses buzzer and told them about the two dreams and said "this is the day of destruction"...they wrote it in the records...the next day the whole floor was spooked because 600,000 people were killed in the biggest disaster in world history while I had that feeling...

    Just some food for thought:  Hell is real.

    Dear Jay:  No, thank you, I just had dinner.


    PS   Since the "WHOLE FLOOR WAS SPOOKED," could you have just one of them email me and verify you dream of destruction?  Or, it's okay, you don't have to bother.



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  • There are two kinds of cops.The quick and the dead
Re: Prophet of hell
« Reply #1 on: January 16, 2007, 06:50:05 PM »

Dear Mr. Smith:
Its been a few hours since I explained the tsunami incident more in depth and you didn't respond.
So I will tell you another story to explain God working in us.
I was up in NYC and it had been about 5 years since I saw the girl I was going to marry and then lost through a horrible misunderstanding - so tragic - Gina - she lives in California now.
I would walk by this car every day and the license plate would say something is going to happen and it was like Gina's old car.
Then one day its license plate changes to "WESTY".
I then am told by the Holy Spirit a few months later speaking in my mouth  "Jes ... sus ... is ... Lord ... and ... move ... to ... Del ... a ... warrrrrrre."
I was like, "Delaware! What's in Delaware?"
After God repeatedly in different ways telling me I moved to Wilmington, Delaware.
I joined the West YMCA and my apartment overlooks West Street.
After a few months. The guy that I thought Gina was going out with walks in to the YMCA.
He looks at me like he saw a ghost.
Then he comes in another day with a girl that looks like Gina. It turns out he is Gina's cousin and now I lift weights with Gina the girl he was with that looks like Gina every Thursday: Gina's other cousin, Donna.
Pretty cool, right?
I know something good will come out of this.  Believe me I have the Holy Spirit and God told me to send this email too.
Peace in JC -- JT
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