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Author Topic: "Expansion of Hell" - Spoof on "Dante's Inferno" in regard to today's sinners  (Read 3767 times)

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You all may be familiar with "Dante's Inferno" and his "Nine Circles of Hell" where he depicts how hell is laid out in various circles from the nicest sinners to the worst.  It was a pretty widespread belief during the middle ages, and is about as logical as what much of the church believes today about eternal suffering.

This spoof article talks about adding a new circle in hell to accommodate some of the new kinds of sinners in our day!

Talk about showing the absurdity of the whole hell thing...

Warmly, Rob


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Talk about the ULTIMATE PERVERSION!!!!  Ray calls it 'CHRISTIAN PORNOGRAPHY'; very fitting indeed!  Oh the depths of human degradation... :'( :(


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Rob, is that ever funny ;D----uh, in a bad tragic sad sort of way!!! >:(

Humorously they have caught on to what most of Christendom hasn't.  Hell is a big joke!  The unbelieving world just laughs at the absurdity of this teaching.  And christians just hold on tighter to it- as Ray says, Christians like the thought of being better than anyone else.



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that's awsome! :D
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