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Author Topic: Death  (Read 3402 times)

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« on: January 17, 2007, 07:40:13 PM »

    Hi Mr Smith
    I just read the new paper that you just posted about death and suddenly it dawned on me.You see when the scriptures says "The living KNOW that they shall die,but the dead KNOW NOT ANYTHING." And you said something interesting,if i can paraphrase it you said, "from our perspective IN DEATH the dead would never know that they died and would never know that they died they will only know what they knew which is life,in other words from our perspective we will be alive although not knowing that we are dead because that is the only thing or memory we ever had the memory of life." Did i say it right? Now i'm beginning to understand why Paul said, "we will be changed in a twinkling of an eye" because we will not be aware that all these time we were dead by the time we wake up in the time of the ressurection of the dead that's why from our perspective it will be in a twinkling of an eye.I don't know if i putting it in a way that you will understand me Sir but i hope you feel me. Now what i really wanted to say is this:back in the garden of Eden when Adam and Eve ate of the tree of good and evil i just realised something now and that's why i just thought i should share it with you. Through your paper of the dead it made me realise that  before Adam and Eve partaked of the tree of good and evil they were like the dead as well,why because they had no consciousness of good and evil,they did not know what these two things are.They were just living their lives based on what they had at the time.The were living in the garden without the knowledge of whether the things they were eating or doing were good or evil because they did not know if there were such things called good and evil.And that's why for them to know good they had to partake of the tree of the knowledge of good which had evil in it which required them to also eat of the evil in order to know this goodness which required them to sin because that knowledge of good was on the same tree of evil.You know, i'm thinking about it now and i realised also that if God did not intend for Adam and Eve to eat of that which contained evil,He could have separated them,one for good one for evil them man won't to sin but we know that was not the case(well atleast a few of us know). So in other words sinning is part of the process of knowing and being good or righteous.Please, i'm in no way promoting sin i'm just trying to make a point that in order for humanity to reach that stage of being like God,God had to subject the whole creation to sinning.And let me emphasize that sinning in itself is not good but is necessary in order to humble us and bring us to the full righteousness of God and completely in His image.If i am wrong in some way please correct me Sir. Going over e verything that i just written hear, i can now understand why the things of God ARE SPIRITUALLY DISCERNED because this is far beyond human comprehension.I would be happy if you got back to me.I'm sure if i stood in the Christian arena saying such things i would be slaughtered alive.
    P.S(I'm that guy from South Africa)
    Yes, Charles, I believe that you are on the right track with your understanding.
    God be with you,

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