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Author Topic: Hell  (Read 1955 times)

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« on: January 19, 2007, 10:34:54 AM »

Hello Mr. Smith,

I trust that this finds you in good health and spirit.  I was reading a response that you gave a person who claimed that he had a dream (more like a nightmare) of his father who died and is trying to reach out to him from hell.  In your response you said "And is your god's love no better than yours--here today; gone tomorrow?" It was one of those statements that just hit me like a ton of bricks.  If there was any doubt that God's love remains the same and that he doesn't torture anyone in death or in the hereafter it's gone.  I wish that many more would see this and understand this concept.  God's love is so amazing and we with our carnal minds dare to diminish it down to a mere teenage infatuation.  In love with a girl/guy today and tomorrow I can't stand you, incredible!  And one more comment that you made that I wish were preached from every pulpit in America is this "Wh y didn't this god rather WARN YOUR FATHER about this hell so that he could have done something about it while he was alive?"  There are all these fake pastors and so called teachers of scripture out there who claimed to have seen hell or dreamed of it.  But they're all supposed to be spiritually converted already.  Why wouldn't God give those who are not yet saved a dream, vision, or epiphany to warn them of such a place so that they can be saved instead of those who claim to be already? I said all this to let you know that in spite of your detractors the message is still being sent and being received.  I struggled a little bit at this doctrine which I thought to be new.  At least it was for me when I first discovered your web site.  I've been using it as a study tool in my personal time and I am thoroughly been blessed by it.  As a side bar, I know that God will reveal his truth in his own time to whomever he wills but I just wish he'd reveal it to my mom a lot sooner.  She's a church-goer and has been all her life.  In our conversations I find that she brings up the topic of hell and will always preface the conversation in concern of all those who don't choose Jesus in this life.  Like if it's hot outside she'd say something like "people on earth complaining about the heat and this is just earth…hell will be a lot hotter than this and people still choose not to believe".  This would anger me and I have no choice but to keep silent or try to change the conversation so I won't get upset because I know it's not true.  I guess this is just my persecution that I have to suffer (Luke 21:12) As you bid to many others I bid to you.  God be with you.  Bro. Earl.
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