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Author Topic: You are the reason  (Read 5438 times)

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You are the reason
« on: January 20, 2007, 01:49:03 PM »

    You are the reason that God said study and show thyself approved unto God. Your teachings are contradictory to God's true work. He has said woe unto them that scatter my sheep. I will be praying that you would truly allow God to inter into your heart.

    Dear Elder:
    You know, your email comes pretty close to blasphemy.  You have not a clue as to what "God's true work" is.  I have "scattered" no one, and you are way out of line to suggest such a thing. You have no proof whatsoever that I have scattered so much as one sheep, do you?  Well, DO YOU?
    Here is an email I received a couple of hours ago:
    Hello, Ray, Peter from Indiana I just wan to let you know how much you and your web-site mean to me. Before finding your site I felt so out of touch with what God was doing in my life, now I know (the elect of God) THANK YOU! and may you continue to prosper and be in (good) health...   
    The Henderson Family
    Love & Peace!
    Here's another one from earlier today:
    I am sorry to keep going on  with these emails but i have recently stumbled onto your website. I just wanted to thank you about this encouraging thought about death when i read it i almost fell out of my chair, the hair on the back of my neck stood up, and a chill like i have not felt in a loooong time went down my back. My wife thought i was having a stroke or something. Thanks again for your ministry and encouraging words and thoughts that you share with us.
    May God Bless and keep you and yours
    And you call this "SCATTERING the sheep," do you?  You will give an account one day for your slanderous accusations, Elder.  You need to get off your holier-than-thou high horse, Elder, and humble yourself before your Maker. You have no idea who you are fraudulently demeaning with your idle words.

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