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Author Topic: Tithing/hell...Sad  (Read 5561 times)

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« on: February 03, 2007, 12:47:58 PM »

> Ray,
> I came across your site and was very, very disturbed........I have not come
> to battle scripture with you, not b/c I don't think i have anything to back
> up what I'm saying, for everything I believe I have based with enough
> scriptures to build sound doctrine around........but I have come to warn you
> about some of the things you're teaching........You are robbing the church
> goers of blessing when you tell them that tithing isn't a New Covenant
> thing.........It doesn't have to do with New Testament or Old
> has to do being one of God's children and trusting in Him.
> I read somewhere where you said it was "writing a check to the
> pastor....." as if the pastor's income or salary varied with what was
> tithed.......have you no clue what tithes are used for??? It is not as if
> it goes straight into the pastor's personal bank account. In Malachi it
> preaches that not bringing tithes and offerings to Him is robbing Him....but
> He doesn't stop there, His intention isn't to rebuke them so much as it is
> to allow them the blessing that comes along with it......He says that try
> Him and prove Him and see if He wouldn't give more than even we can take at
> one time........but He doesn't say "That the pastor's may have a hefty
> paycheck" He says "that there may be meat in my storehouse." For the most
> part tithes keep the church running......Bills, special functions, all of
> those things.........It goes into the General Account.......and most times
> it's the pastor when the people aren't tithing that does without.....because
> a good pastor puts God's church before Himself. Our pastor get's a salary,
> so it's fixed, unless there's not enough to cover it......and He does
> without.......This man quit a high paying job where he was one of t he top
> individuals working at a factory to come to pastor, b/c he was called by God
> to do so. He took a substantial pay cut. You say something about people
> shouldn't feel guilty about not paying tithes, and I think you're right,
> they should feel blessed to have the opportunity. When Jesus saw the widow
> giving her mite in the offering, He didn't stop her and say "Whoa, whoa, you
> don't have to do that, that's all you have, make sure you save that....God
> understands......" No, He looked on her and spoke of the sacrifice being
> made. God still proves Himself on the tithe principle, I know He does, b/c
> it's something that I've tried Him on and He has proved it. And it's one of
> the only, if not the only thing that God says to try Him and see if He won't
> prove Himself. Anytime that guilt is felt from reading scripture it's a
> good's called do believe in that don't
> you??? The Holy Spirit brings it to us so that we can be all that we're
> supposed to be in Christ. And when we're not tithing and we hear what God
> has to say about it, yes there will be conviction and if you don't do
> anything about it you are like one who looks in the mirror and sees
> something wrong with your appearance, but walks away trying to forget what
> he just saw.........seems like I read something like that
> somewhere.........Anyways, yeah and the whole concept of there not being a
> Hell............yeah, I'd say preaching and teaching that there isn't one
> will most definitely send more people there.............Be very very very
> very very very careful Ray.........You're not just messing with anything,
> you're messing with souls of men and women all across the world. If you're
> going to proclaim the word of God make sure you're not doing it carelessly.
> Many people who won't know better will come across your site and will take
> what you say as truth and will be led astray........One day you'll give an
> account for all that you've taught and preached and will take responsibility
> for the lives you've effected.......Just be careful. This is a very serious
> issue. My prayers are with you.
> Sent and Speaking to a Generation,
> Rev. K. C.

Dear KC:
You despise the Word of God and don't even know it.
PS   No, KC, not "one day," but TODAY--Judgment is upon the House of God NOW (I Pet. 4:17), but being a Christian, you wouldn't know that. Why don't you read the material on my site with an open Bible and an open mind, and LEARN.
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