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Author Topic: Questions  (Read 1780 times)

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« on: February 05, 2007, 06:46:58 PM »

Dear William:
Thank you for you interest and your email, however, it is too long. I have trouble just reading such long emails let alone answering them. I will, however, give a few short answers in my COMMENTS........

    Dear Ray,
    Thank you for taking the time with my questions. I have this desire and love to search out all things which I feel God has ordain in me to do, and in so doing  I fall and He picks me up but then I see that I learn in my mistakes which leads me to that which is right.
    Ray I have a few question that I hope that you will answer for me, because I am confussed.
    1) When Jesus told Nicodemus (in John 3) that he must be born again to enter the kingdon of heaven. isn't that different than receiving the Holy Spirit? When the apostle received the Holy Spirit after Jesus was glorified on the day of pentecost their eyes were open to scripture and all that Jesus told them , but not born again. RIGHT? Paul states that he was running the race to the finish, but that he wasn;t there me he's speaking of the end when he then will be born into Gods kingdom?
    COMMENT:  I covered this in some detail in my Mobile Bible Conference which can be heard on our Forum. The Greek word for born and begotten is the same word. We are "begotten" in this life with just the "earnest" of God's Spirit which is a spiritual begettal, but we will not be fully "born" into the Family of God until the resurrection of the just at the Last trump (I Cor. 15:42-54).
    2) In Matt:5 When Jesus spake to his disciples the sermon on the Mount... Were not all theses Beatitudes that He spoke focus only to his choosen people who would and could live by them? For we know that with man it is impossible to please God, because he's carnal..but with God nothing is impossible.
    COMMENT:  The Sermon on the Mount is too big a subject fo an email. I cover a lot of in my up-coming Installment of Hell Part D which I am still working on. Look for it in the next month.
    3) Ecclesiastes 7: 25,29 In the Bible a women is used as a church in some things.. Is this passage speaking of a church that people cling to? I find this in many other parts of Scripture also.
    COMMENT:  Yes, this could be a reference to a "church."
    4) Jeremiah 7: 13,16,18  Is this speaking of people who have left their first love and gone astray with other Gods as the churches are doing today praying to Mary queen of heaven and saints on holy day etc, etc.?
    COMMENT:  This has as much to do with all Christian Churches as it does with the Catholic Church.
    5) And my last questions is...When God works with one of his people, will God call him or her first before choosing him or her....This go's back to my first question I think, when do you know if you are a child of God when scripture says ...He who is born of God cannot sin,because he is born of God, so he cannot sin.I know that God is working with you Ray, but even you have stated that you pray daily for Gods blessings for more knowledge and strength in your daily work..Even Jesus prayed to his Father for strength to do his Fathers will. I want so much to do the will od God, but sometimes I get lost, and I go back to prayer for strength. I want to serve Him..I want to work in his vineyard..I want to be judge in the world and not with the world. I know Ray that I have said to you before that scripture states that He will teach me in the way that He shall choose.
    COMMENT:  God may work in increments, but I guarantee you that He doesn't THINK in increments as things come to pass. God has planned everything from before the creation. He does not "decide" to do this or that or anything else EVER. This is because God tells us that "I CHANGE NOT" (Malihi 3:6) and Heb. 13:8).

    P.S.   I can.t hardly wait for Part D about hell...
    COMMENT:  Not as badly as I can hardly wait!
    God be with you,

    I am looking forward to come to a gathering some day with people like unto me.
    COMMENT:  We are planning on maybe having another Bible Conference in Nashville, Tenn., sometime in April or May.
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