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Author Topic: Soul?  (Read 2103 times)

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« on: February 07, 2007, 08:54:10 PM »

              I know you have a demanding schedule on aloting your time so I will be brief. I read a paper from a minister and in it he said "The Bible teaches that people are made in three parts. In greekthe parts are pneuma,psyche,soma or apirit, soul, and body. The spirit is the innermost part of a human being and gives the soul (emotions, intellect and will) its motivation. Then, the spiritand the soul animate the body, which brings about thoughts,words and deeds."
               Have I missed something when I read the book of Genisis about the creation of man? Or is it somewhere else in the Bible about the three part mak eup of man? If not then were do they get this thought. I noticed in other areas of his paper he quoted scripture to back up what he was saying but for this particular little piece of info he did not. Thanks for the time
                                             May God bless and Keep you and yours,

Dear Norm:

You are not reading the material I write on our site. In my last Part C of HELL, I go into great detail regarding the TWO components of man, not three. God did not put a "soul" into man. You need to read that section on the SOUL.

God be with you,

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