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Author Topic: Enjoying Life?  (Read 4646 times)

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Enjoying Life?
« on: February 08, 2007, 09:41:52 AM »

Dear :  I will COMMENT.............
after reading a lot of your site and a lot of the bible (trying to read it spiritually) it seems like it's very difficult to enoy life...

COMMENT:  I believe that anyone who has for a goal "enjoying life," will be disappointed.

I feel anything that I would do would be breaking a commandment...
COMMENT:  I personally feel at liberty to do many things that are not "breaking a commandment."
does God not want us to enjoy music or look up to musicians or anything like that?
COMMENT:  Those are two different issues [1] Enjoy music?  What KIND of music?
[2] Look up to musicians?  How? As a IDOL?  Idol worship?

 it seems like anything like that would be idolating even though I feel like the reason i look up to them is because they have god-like qualities...
COMMENT:  I am sure there are millions of men and women who could justify looking at pornography on the grounds that they are "just appreciating the god-given qualities of beauty that God build into our human bodies."  I'm not suggesting that you are doing something similar, but why are you asking the question if you know in your heart that you are just admiring God-given talent without going overboard about it?

 AKA music that promotes peace and things like that...
COMMENT:  I have heard music that "promoted peace" that wasn't fit for the trash pile. Most of your statements are quite nebulous.

are we not supposed to go on expensive vacations just because they are peaceful and gets us away from a lot of stress? I feel selfish doing that when I know people I could help that could probably use a vaction more than me...
COMMENT:  You go on expensive vacations to get AWAY from stress and then you put yourself UNDER STRESS by the mere fact that you are trying to get away from stress?  Bad choice of a vacation. Maybe try a "less expensive" vacation and have a stress free good time with your wife and kids.

i don't know... I just feel really guilty about everything I do... even just sitting here in my room and looking around at all of the stuff I have. are we not supposed to have any Earthly pleasures and just dedicate our life to preaching the truth?
COMMENT:  Just how much of the money that you use for those "EXPENSIVE vacations," and "all that STUFF," do you actually give to  spread these truths of Christ's gospel? Maybe your real guilt is in not giving ANYTHING rather than in giving TOO MUCH?
 I feel like that would be very boring since hardly anyone listens...

COMMENT:  But for those few who really do listen, it is worth the effort, and it is quite rewarding, and it makes me HAPPY!
God be with you,

perhaps some clarity might set me free....

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  • There are two kinds of cops.The quick and the dead
Re: Enjoying Life?
« Reply #1 on: February 08, 2007, 09:43:27 AM »

Well Ray... I'll be honest with you... I'd be giving up a lot if I decided to flip my life and dedicate it to spreading His good word and I know that it is the right thing to do... but I'd be giving up lots of friends... I'm afraid of losing a lot of my friends... since it is easy for me to understand other people's perspectives than my own I always try and reason with people and concur with them... I feel like I show a different side to my personality to each different person i know... not that i am faking my personality but that's exactly what my personality is like- I have lots of friends because of this.... is it wrong to want to be loved by everyone? i guess I just don't know how I would go about my mission to spread the truth... I'm afraid of failing - I'm having a hard time BELIEVING in myself.

        Dear Addison:  I don't want to discourage you or put you down, Addison, but I would be grossly remiss if I did not point out a few things to you. Of course, at this time, your friends mean more to you than serving God in a way that my jeopardize you friends. In your case, Jesus admonition could have produced this scenario:  "But when Addison heard that saying, he went away sorrowful, for had a great number of friends"  (Matt. 19:22).  Therefore, "If any man come to Me, and hate not his father, and mother, and wife, and children, and brethren [many friends] , and sisters, yes, and his own life also, he cannot be My disciples"  (Luke 14:26).

        It is not your time yet. I would encourage you to keep reading if you have that much of a desire, and let God lead you in His time to make the necessary decisions.

        God be with you,

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