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Hallo, Mr.Ray SMITH:

I email you before about trying to get a law to stop the church requirement of the sin of tithing by petitioning for it to the State Rep.   My next move for the no-tithing law is already in the hands of this state's representative again. I had written to the Rep. that tithe money is a steal and therefore the churches are laundering stolen income in the regular income of the church. You see it is not unconstitutional to regulate businesses away from laundering income from other sources. I hope that you as a man of God who cares for the real church of christ as shown by your tithe-paper will be intersted in trying to demostrate to the State Rep in your community that the church is not a business venture but a non-for-profit organization with offerings and sales income.

Thank you for being concern.

Best Regards,

Dear Cesar:
I am an "Ambassador for Christ" (I Cor 5:20). Ambassadors cannot legally take part in the politics of foreign nations.  Jesus never, ever got involved in the operations of the Roman Government over the Jews. We are never taught to "march on Washington," etc. But we are told to COME OUT OF THE WORLD and be separate. "Let the DEAD bury the dead."
God be with you,


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