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Author Topic: Sabbath  (Read 5563 times)

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« on: February 14, 2007, 06:20:57 PM »

    Dear Ray,
    I have a question that if you get the chance to respond to would be well appreciated. I sent you my first e-mail just yesterday thanking you for your work, but now I just need your insight.
    Since studying universalism I've noticed that everybody pretty much agrees on the same things. But today I got some free books from The United Church Of God which is a non profit universalist organization. The book I got was called God's Sabbath Rest. In it they explain how important it is to keep God's sabbath day, and how it prefigures the messianic age. They also say that the church in acts kept the sabbath. Thay also use the scriptures Matt.19:16-17 and 1 Corinth 7:19 to support their beleifs. Now I've read all of your material as well as Gary Amirault's who say there is no keeping of the old law whatsoever, and it's pretty convicing.But is there really any evidence of the first church doing this. I'd be grateful for a response. I consider you an important guide in biblical truth. Thanx.

    Dear Brandon:
    The Sabbath and the Old Testament Law is way way too big a subject for an email.
    It is quite involved. Much of it will be explained in my upcoming Installment of my "HELL"
    series, Part D. We are NOT TO MURDER. So we are to keep the commandments of Moses.
    But we are NOT UNDER THE LAW of Moses. So what does that mean? All physical types
    and rituals have a spiritual purpose. Circumcision was not designed by God for the purpose of
    making a man's penis shorter!  It is a symbol of cutting off the flesh, the carnal mind of our heart. It has a spiritual purpose. Likewise the Sabbath pictures a rest that all those who "keep" the weekly Sabbath fail utterly to understand and fulfill. When people ask me whether I keep the Sabbath, I tell them, "Certainly--every day of the week" (Heb. 4:1-12).
    God be with you,

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