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Author Topic: Spirit?  (Read 1900 times)

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« on: February 20, 2007, 08:42:25 AM »

Im in a hurry going to church,,  so you say that man and Jesus were totaly dead and know nothing But that does not aply to the spirit.  Hbr 12:9 , Ecc 12:7 spirit returns to God who gave it , into thy hands I comit my spirit says Jesus said , Num 16 :22 27:16 ,Isa 42:5 , 57:16 , Zec 21:1   God bless (John)

John, The spirit without the body "KNOWS NOT ANYTHING" (Ecc. 9:5).  And the Scriptures plainly tell us that JESUS DIED, and was therefore DEAD, and "The DEAD know not ANYTHING" (Ecc. 9:5). Your spirit didn't know anything BEFORE God gave it to you and it will not know anything AFTER He takes it from you. In order to have life, a dead person MUST BE RESURRECTED FROM THE DEAD, and that means that his spirit must once more be put into a body. If the spirit was perfectly operative in all ways without a body, then there would never be any reason for God to give us a NEW BODY.
God be with you,
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