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Author Topic: Comments  (Read 1960 times)

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« on: February 24, 2007, 05:15:26 PM »

    I appreciate your arguments; shows how intelligent you are, and of course you should be if  God's created humans in His image to be intelligent and seek understand.
    But what makes YOUR interpretation of the bible more true than the others people YOU critique?  Maybe you want to be careful you are not simply being more proud or emotional--arguing based on YOUR feelings; the fact that you FEEL it's not right (eg what God's word states clearly about hell, or going off in a tangent -quoting out of context- when you couldn't find convincing evidence that Jesus ruled out tithing in the new testament by picking on what Jesus taught NOT TO BOAST about tithing, or whether there is hell or not) doesn't make it wrong/untrue. The fact that YOU feel so or so doesn't actually change the truth; it's just like the atheist who finds convincing evidence that God is not real only kids himself but not God.
    Perhaps you can do better to humbly ask GOD (if you believe in prayer) to explain to you HIS word if you find it unsettling. He rewards those who dilligently seek him. Then you know you are convinced, and not just making you feel good by mopping up a following of similar confused people asking the same questions-- of course that's normal because God's word sometimes beats our (human) intellect. It takes the author(s), [God, the Holy Spirit, Jesus] and His wisdom to understand the bible better, not just limited human nterpretations.
    You could try this (i find it helpful sometimes): give God the benefit of the doubt; start with the premise that what is written is true; then find out how it is true. The questions don't end, though, but it's comforting to know it is only God who is omniscient--all-knowing.
    Kind regards,

    Dear Evelyn:
    Feel better now?

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