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Author Topic: You have knowledge, but do you have the Holy Ghost?  (Read 3587 times)

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You have knowledge, but do you have the Holy Ghost?
« on: February 28, 2007, 07:56:56 PM »

    Mr. Smith,
    I have read some of your papers and I admit that some of what you say is true, but some of what you say is not true.  You have some intellectual knowledge, but what about the Spirit of the Living God?  You do know that the Holy Spirit lives inside of those who choose to believe in Christ right?  If you do not believe in Christ as God's Son and as Saviour of your "soul" then you do not have the Holy Spirit dwelling inside of you.  With all due respect sir, anyone can read the Bible; all the Bibles in fact along with all of the accommodating resources.  But do you have any spiritual knowledge?  Has anything supernatural ever happened to you that was later explained by revelation from God and His Word?  Are you born again of the Spirit?  Let me say this...CHECK YOUR OIL!!  That means check your spirit and see if you have the Holy Ghost.  You can't have the Holy Ghost if you don't have Jesus.  I recognize t hat you do not reverence the Lord Jesus Christ, you teach from His examples to get your point across, but you do not reverence Him!  It is about the Blood of the Lamb!  Can you say the Blood of Jesus?  They that worship God must worship Him in "Spirit" and in "Truth".  I don't discern the Spirit of the Living God in you, sir.  Your teachings are not anointed.  I would love to see what you teach about the fruits of the Spirit.  I am a prophet of God called to prophesy AGAINST false teachings (Ezekiel 13).  I am angry at the lies, at the money laundering from the false teachers as well.  I am quick to expose a lie and will confront and let a false prophet know in a minute that you are lying!  But, it is only effective with the Spirit of the Lord, the Holy Ghost backing me up.  You may tap into someone's head with intellectual information, but it is the spirit that counts.  Did that Word get in your spirit...that is wh at counts and the only way for the Word to get in your spirit is if it is anointed by God.
    In Jesus Name,
    Miss LaVow

    Dear Miss LaVow:
    What a spiritual CROCK!  You are no more spiritual than my cat.  You can't prove one sentence wrong on our site, yet you contend that I have no fruit of the Spirit, my writing is not annointed. You are quick to expose a LIE?  Oh really? Then do it? Expose one lie on our site. And use two Scriptures to prove it. You are a cloud without water.

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