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Author Topic: Demeanor  (Read 2156 times)

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« on: April 11, 2006, 09:48:20 AM »

Dear Ray:
> There is something about your demeanor that
> comes across the electronic medium that I like. In another setting we
> could probably be friends,(and still can be) I know this sounds strange
> because you and I would not likely agree on the color of grass or how
> many pennies in a dollar for that matter.
> I really had no intention of communicating any further then
> my first email to you until you answered me. So just say the word and I
> am gone. However while at the keyboard now I'll will clarify my position
> having seen your position. Having some experience with people of
> opposing theology I have found out it does little good to butt heads
> with them on every tenent of doctrine. Knowing that both parties are
> well ensconced in their beliefs. I leave that to the Lord, only he can
> change a mans heart.
> Having said that I will say this much. I believe in
> one God the great I AM. I believe he left us one Book to guide us and I
> use that Book as my final authority in all matters of faith and
> practice. When I find something I disagree with or do not understand in
> the Book I never go to another version or translation to find one that
> agrees with my preconceived notions. To do so in my opinion is to set
> myself up as another Authority or a little god if you will. Because then
> someone elses opinion (or my own) or scholarship (there is scolarship on
> both sides of the fence on any issue) takes the place of Gods final
> Authority. I ask the Lord to reveal his truth and he does. So many
> seeming contraditions in the Bible can easily be cleared up when they
> are read in there proper context and proper place and proper place in
> time.
> There is one doctrine that I find hard to
> swallow and down right scary. That is the eternal firery damnation of
> those that reject the only Son of God. But there it is in black and
> white and I can only take the Book literaly as it was meant to be taken.
> The axiom of scripture interpretation states: {Take every word at its
> primary ordinary, usual, literal meaning unless the facts of the
> immediate context studied in the light of related passages indicates
> clearly otherwise.} To do anything else would to make the book nothing
> but allegory and mean only what I want it to mean. I might as well just
> read Tom Sawyer.
> To believe that those who reject Jesus Christ burn forever in a
> place called hell is a very uncomfortable thing indeed. And I believe it
> but it is not a cruel and unfeeling God that sends a person there
> ie.(hell a place created for the devil and his angels) When one comes to
> believe that God himself provided a way out of hell by becoming a man in
> the form of the Son and
> took sin on himself, a man who knew no sin, suffered the agony of death
> and hell and rose again the third day. You see it it is our sin that
> separates us from God, but ultimitaly we don't go to hell for sinning,
> we go to hell for rejecting the Cure for sin: Jesus Christ. We can
> accept him and his payment for sin or reject him and pay the bill
> ourselves in hell. You see a cure does no good if you only believe in
> it, you must accept it into your body in order for it to work.
> The same is true of Jesus. I took the cure, I hope and pray you do the
> same.
> "...for if ye believe not that I Am he, ye shall die in your
> sins".....Jesus Christ.
> I will take your advice and pray for myself and I thank you for your
> concern but I will be remembering you also in my prayers for the next
> month that God would reveal himself to you in a mighty way.
> Peace in Jesus.
> ...TOM<<<

Dear Tom:

If hell is a literal fire of eternal torture, have you LITERALLY cut off your hand and food and plucked out your eye when they offended you? No?  Then I guess your theology is a total contradiction. You indicated that if I did not desire further communication with you to just "say the word."

Okay: "the word."

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