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Dennis Vogel:
Welcome back everyone.

Our previous Internet host moved our site to another server and the forum data somehow got corrupted in the move. We tried to fix it many times and the forum would work for a short while then crash again. Also, our bible-truths.com site has been down a lot the last six months.

I was left with no choice but to move the site and this forum to a new host. Our previous host was secure, but this host is extra secure and very difficult to hack into. But I had to move the site manually. Sorry for the long delay.

I am not willing to move any of the old forum data to this new forum and risk contamination. So we lost all our old posts. I’m especially disappointed we lost the testimonies.

Read the forum rules again as things have changed.

Craig is now the primary moderator.

Please pray for the moderators as we learn to operate this forum more perfectly.



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