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Author Topic: WWCG/Armstrong  (Read 6959 times)

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« on: April 15, 2007, 01:06:34 PM »

    Dear Doug:  I will make a few COMMENTS in your email.........

        Dear Ray:
                       I remember many like you who in the early 80's were praising Mr. Armstrong, now most of you have tails of the evil he may or may not have commited.  When you make statments like this.........
        [Ray Replies]

        Dear Diane:

        I think I understand you correctly in that it was your experience IN the Worldwide and then coming OUT that caused you to see the importance of the Love of God, rather than that being something that you were actually taught IN the Church. Obviously, there would not have been so many atheists and nonbelievers being the result had the Church not been so corrupt.

        I saw the corruption in the Church and I did something about it. Neither had I any misconceptions concerning my fate once I did this.  Stanley Rader instructed that I be fired.  The reason? "I knew too much."  I had already come to know about the secret sins of Herbert and Ted. People are shocked to learn that Herbert was far more immoral than Garner Ted who confided that he had conservatively had TWO HUNDRED other women while married to Shirley Hammer.  At the time I was good friends with Dr. Antion and his wife Molly (who was the sister to Shirley).  But even Dr . Antion couldn't save my position from the command of Stanley Rader to have me fired.

        Maybe you recall the three featured stories on Sixty Minutes back in the late seventies.   It was I that Mike Wallace contacted on numerous occasions which led to the eventual demise of Armstrong's Kingdom. Little did I know at the time what God was working through all of that.  Maybe I will write about this chapter in my life sometime, for the benefit of the many who are beginning to come to our site.

        God be with you,


        ....and say maybe someday you will offer your proof.???  Well all we can do is conclude you were lying then or you are LYING NOW!  It really doesn't matter which.

        COMMENT:  And for this you have "PROOF" that I am lying? I don't think so.

          King David sent his best General off to death so he could have his wife.  Did Mr. Armstrong Truly do anything remotely close to this?

        COMMENT:  FAR WORSE!  More in line with the crimes suggested by Paul in I Cor. 5:1--"...such fornication as is not so much as NAMED among the Gentiles...."

        I was there to recieve the messages in the 80's to hear the messages.  I still have all of my Plain Truth mags. and Books/Booklets, even a few sermon tapes.  I was a witness to a Spititual presence when I attended Sabbath services.  Do you deny that Spirit?  Mr. Armstrong said, "Don't follow me.  Follow Christ".  If you were there then you heard it too.  Now I am a witness to the spirit of bitterness comming from so many of you.  Now I cry for you.  I miss you all so much.

        COMMENT:  I am far from being "bitter" over Mr. Armstrong or my Ambassador College experience. It has been a giant aid to what I am now doing, just being a Pharisee was a giant aid to Paul's latter ministry--it taught us what we are NOT TO BE LIKE!

        I don't believe Mr. Armstrong said, "Follow CHRIST."  When I look back in retrospect, Mr. Armstrong avoided the Name of Jesus Christ like the plague. He spoke of God and the Father, but seldom did the name of Jesus Christ ever come across his lips.

        It was stated in the Ambassador Handbook that Mr. Armstrong promoted honest scholarship, and to question things and not take them for granted. What a CROCK! Anyone who questioned ANYTHING was immediately dealt with. NO ONE ever was to question Armstrong's doctrine, and those who did found themselves on the outside, as Dr. Ernest Martin.

          Regardless of what you think of Mr. Armstrong, you cannot destroy the message he delivered by destroying his character.   It is Christs message, and your rejecting it because you don't like Mr. Armstrong.  It is time for you all to be honest.  If you have a problem with doctrine then attack that.  Just remember Your righteousness, my righteousness, Mr. Armstrongs righteousness......Filthy Rags!

        COMMENT:  Mr. Armstrong destroyed his OWN character; I assure you that I had absolutely nothing to do with bankrupt state of character, or that of His son, Garner Ted Armstrong. Why do you suppose that Mr. Armstrong would tolerate such blatant and widespread sexual immorality on the part of His son?  The reason was that Ted's sexual sins did not even come close to those of his dad. And trust me when I say, that I have no delight in reporting things.

        We all have had sins of our past that were an embarrassment to us. If they were not an embarrassment, then it is not likely that we even repented of them. However, when one claims to be "God's one-and-only Apostle" on earth, while using the money from "devouring widows' houses" to pay for covering up one's own sins, then I do not have a problem in exposing such an one.  Hundreds of ex-worldwide members have found peace of mind through our teaching at, I am sorry that you are not one of them.

        God be with you,


        I don't really expect to hear a reply and thats ok.  I only urge you to reexaming the spirit you are following.  I fear for us all.  Clearly Satan is far more clever than any of us thought.

        I pray that God correct us all before it is to late.

        Your friend:  Doug

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