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Author Topic: Tithing  (Read 5116 times)

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« on: April 21, 2007, 06:44:29 AM »

So are you saying I shouldn’t be tithing?

Your Friend

Pastor Michael

Dear Michael:  No, I have never said that people should not tithe anymore than I have ever said people should not observe the Holy Days or the Sabbath day, or be physically baptized or circumcised. If that is the level of one's spiritual understanding, then they should do what they fell compelled to do.
However, "tithing" (the LAW of tithing, if you will) was for Israel under the tabernacle/temple service of the Levitic Priesthood on their herds and produce of the fields ONLY. NOTHING ELSE is "tithing" according to the Scriptures. Abraham did not "tithe" ANYTHING of his own produce or herds. He gave a tenth of the spoils (and THAT from the King of SODOM, if you can believe it!) ONE TIME ONLY.
Now then, how many churches do you know that desire the "spoils of conquered enemies" ONE TIME only?  There's your answer to: "But RAY!!!  Tithing predates Moses."  So what?  Not one person before Moses enacted tithing on Israel, ever tithed their own personal property to God or a representative of God.  And under Moses, tithing was not given to all Israel--the workers who worked for wages in the fields gathering the produce (a tenth to be given to the Levite and the needy) did not pay tithe on their WAGES!
The only two examples of anyone tithing in the New Testament are examples of gross SINNERS who were not blessed for their example of tithing at all.
Jesus never taught tithing to His followers, neither did they tithe.
The Apostles never collected "tithes" from the ministry, as it was ILLEGAL for any but Levi to collect tithes.
Paul never taught tithing, nor did he ever receive a "tithe" from his Gentile converts.  In fact he refused to take anything from Corinth, seeing that they were "yet carnal," and so if tithing was a "law of God" as is statement thousands of times a day around the world of Christendom, then Paul would have SINNED by not teaching the Gentiles to tithe. When Paul took collections for the poor, it was not "tithing."  Paul never said, "God loves a cheerful TITHE-PAYER."
The early Christian church did not teach or accept tithe. It was always voluntary "according as God has blessed you."  It was hundreds of years after Christ established His Church that the Catholic Church decided that this was a fabulous way to get rich on the ignorance of their followers, and thus instituted the law of tithing into the church. Am I going to fast for you?
Therefore, to teach New Covenant Believers that tithing is a law of God binding on them, and to fail to do so will cause God to "CURSE YOU WITH A CURSE," is a sin.  And anyone who teaches that tithing MONEY (something not taught under the Law of Moses) is a law of God, and to fail to do so is committing sin, which penalty is death, is himself the SINNER!  And unless such an one bitterly repents of such damnable heresy, he will be brought into swift Judgment "in that day."
We spend thousands of dollars a month advertising our site. But we do not teaching tithing, nor do we ask for contributions. People who see the value of our site ask US if they can please contribute, and so God provides. We have nothing to sell and no one receives a salary from contributions. It's called "faith."  And there are other Churches who are now relying on God in faith to provide for the financial needs. Pastors write me and tell me this, that they have now taught their congregations the Scriptural truth on this abused and fraudulent teaching in the Church. One may not be able to buy "his & her Jets" by living by faith instead of tithing, but you will fare a whole lot better at Judgment.
God be with you,
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