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Author Topic: Thanks  (Read 3641 times)

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« on: April 11, 2006, 06:54:54 PM »

Just a note of thanks for your site. You have helped me so much with my search for truth and understanding the Scriptures that a simple thank you does not seem enough. No matter where I go to look for an answer I have always seem to be guided back to your site where the answers are so clear and make sense of what otherwise is total confusion and contradiction.
You answer questions without a pause or stumble over the Scriptures when my Pastor (former) could not answer the simplest question without either looking it up or ignoring me completely. You verified the truth I have always felt in my heart, but could not understand because of the contradictions in the KJV of our Bible and now I realize the words that were mistranslated made all the difference.
As a child being brought up Catholic, I could not believe it my Mother's faith of a God who would send babies and children to eternal hell, ghosts who visited us from their graves and the many saints to pray to. Blaming God for taking my Brother at 23 when he was actually shot by some nut case when I was 9 and making us all suffer because we must have done something to upset him. I just did not believe this was God.
My search for the truth has been going on for many years and will continue until the day I die. Prayer is my strength and searching for the Lord is what fills my life. It is discouraging when we find we are being filled with lies and fables for years and talking to other adults is like telling a child there is no Santa Claus. They don't want to know about the truth. It is hard to understand when the truth is so wonderful to hear.
Again Ray, thank you. I will continue to visit your site often as I always have more questions and more to learn. Sincerely, Judy
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