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Author Topic: You made a dent  (Read 1987 times)

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You made a dent
« on: May 23, 2007, 10:40:15 PM »

    You have made a severe "dent" in my theology. For good my brother!
    I am still working through this, but thank God for the net and guys like yourself.
    The weight of the argument falls one way at present.
    - Death is as the scriptures say - no consciousness.
    - Hell is not forever torment!
    All the theology books I own say otherwise but cannot satisfy me
    as lack of proof texts and contradiction overall.
    That makes me smell a rat.  I have been down this road before.
    It is refreshing to hear truth expounded and with depth.
    I recently began street preaching in the city on Friday nights.
    As I preach such verses as John 3:16, Romans 3:23, etc
    I keep asking myself how come it says "perish" and "death" only,
    not "you shall burn in hell forever"... and in countless other scriptures.
    It has bothered me over the years - off and on.
    esp. when people say how can God forever punish a person etc.
    and reject God on that basis... !!!  God forbid!!!!!!!!!!
    A christian guy spoke to me last week and once again
    challenged me to re-look at annhilation vs eternal punishment.
    I rejected it once or twice before as JW's and Armstrongism believe it etc.
    and as most Christians are taught otherwise we presume it correct.
    However - I want to preach the truth - not the erroneous traditions of men.
    I have been through a lot in 21 yrs as a Christian and I rejected tithing
    as a mandatory law about 4 yrs ago along with a lot of other nonsense.
    Talk about become ostracised! Too bad. I am free from the law!
    Now I live and give in a way that is so much better! - New covenant.
    All is God's anyhow, but now I can express my uniqueness better
    and not under compulsion but with eagerness!!!
    Another truth expounder is a guy called Russell Earl Kelly.
    His book is "Should the church teach Tithing"
    An awesome work.
    (I don't agree with everything you say Ray and that's ok, as none of us know all !
    eg. Rapture, but I will no doubt investigate from your angle too).
    In his wonderful name!
    New Zealand

    Dear Colin: I hope you do read my paper on The Rapture Theory Exposed. If you find any heresy in it, you let me know, okay?
    God be with you,
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