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Author Topic: Jehovah's witness?  (Read 3341 times)

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Jehovah's witness?
« on: May 31, 2007, 10:24:22 PM »

Are you now or have you ever been a Jehovah's witness....because they believe many of the same things that you teach about hell not existing and the trinity and so forth.....but you've probably heard that before with a website as successful as yours.

Yes, Steve, I have heard it many dozens and dozens and dozens of times in the past 7 1/2 years.

NO, I have never been a Jehovah's Witness.  Nor have I been a Church of Christ, Mormon, Catholic, Christadelphian, Seventh Day Adventist, The Way, or any other of hundreds of denominations. I was, a Methodist in my youth, and World Wider (as we lovingly refer to the Worldwide Church of God) from 1966 till 1978. That's it. Now I belong to The Church of the Living God found only in the Scriptures (I Tim. 3:15), and in the spiritual body of Jesus Christ;  not the one found on the Internet.

The fact is that not only do I not have "many" of the same things as the JW's, but I have not ONE of the teachings of the Jw's.

There is more than one side to an octagon, you know. So they don't believe that people will be tortured eternally--good for them. But they do teach that God will UTTERLY FAIL to save His Own Children, and will therefore ANNIHILATE billions of people who are just as good as any one of use would have been in their place. They also believe that the method of killing them will be to burn them alive (a pagan practiced never approved of by God in the Old or New Testaments). Etc, etc. 

Now don't any of you JW's out there write me and try to tell me that God does not burn them alive, as I when round and round with a person who claimed to be an expert in the teaching of the Witnesses, who told me that the Lake of Fire is symbolic and that is where most of humanity wil die. I asked how physical people can physically die in a symbolic fire, and he would not answer. So I asked him, "Specifically what is it that KILLS these people thrown into this symbolic lake of fire," and he refused to answer me. He simply refused to answer rather than to admit a major contradiction in his teaching.  So which other JW doctrine do you think I also teach?

I do not know of a single major doctrine taught by mainstream Christendom that is Scriptural. And I don't say that to sound like some know-it-all wise guy. If you believe there is a major doctrine that is scripturally taught by Christendom, I will welcome your suggestion.

God be with you,

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