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Hello everyone! I for one am looking forward to the testimony section of the new bible-truths forum to grow daily! Matter fact, I have high hopes that this time around more folks will share there testimony to the extent that the Testimony section out-numbers some of the other parts..can I get a AMEN?!

In this present day we live in with so much destrution, pain and suffering, loss, corruption, and devestation; I believe..no I KNOW, we have a lot to be thanking and praising God for...DAILY>

I thank the Lord that today I got up, cranked up my ol computer, came to bible-truths and there they were..the first of many many fresh testimonies of blessings from some of the members. WOW. Praise God. Come on guys and gals, post what God has done or doing in your life so those that need to be lifted up can be by your testimony.

The Lord has given us life for the age, amen! Thats a bible-truth and testimony of revelation worth talking about eh? The gospel really is what its name is; THE GOOD NEWS...thats a bible-truth and testiony worth talking abut eh?  :D

God bless you all!

AMEN John, AMEN,  :D  After 24 views from the audience not even one lil amen, so Im given you one bro, AMEN, oh that makes 3 of em, your chating with yourself again you know.

Love Ya,
Peace Out,

Amen John, there you go.  I think the site is still waiting for more people to re-apply here after it was temporarily closed down and all reset.

Amen to that John,  I will praise the Lord whether on the highest mountain or the lowest valley.  The things He has done for us are worthy of much praise and thanks.  I go to the book of Psalms continually to keep me in a thankful spirit.  

It is always interesting to hear different testimonies and how our Father has led us all to the same place.  We are so lucky to have a God that is all powerful, forgiving and full of mercy.  I'll give you two amens, John.  Good post, brother.

God bless.


Here is another AMEN! for you Brother John, I will be rewriting my own testimony soon (it was on the old board), but I need to be in the proper frame of mind as it still brings with it a very wide range of emotions for me to deal with, I enjoy reading everyone's posts in this section of the forum.



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