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Personal Message (pm) Instructions:

There are actually several different ways to start a new personal message, but all require you to be logged in as a member:

~You can follow the link(box) that will come up that says something like 'Hey, [username], you have x messages, x are new', then click the New Message button in your inbox.

~You can click another member's name, followed by 'Send this member a personal message' from his/her profile summary screen, located at the bottom of the page below - Additional Information:

~You can start a new message direct by clicking the IM on/offline icon from the user info accompanying all of his/her posts.

~You can start a new message direct by clicking the PM on/offline icon from the Current Status in his/her profile summary screen. (This icon/link is often duplicated in the user info described above.)

Replying to a message is very similar to replying to a topic.
Clicking on 'Send this member a personal message' will take you to the message board. 
Type out your message and you may 'preview' it before it is posted, then click on 'post'. 
This will be sent to that person and they will have a box come up that says, you have received a pm. 
At the top of any page you will see 'my messages' left click there. 
It will take you to your in coming message page.

Helpful Hint:
Another tip is if you make a mistake and delete a whole line of text, or even the whole text, simply press [Ctrl / Z] at the same time, this will reverse the mistake you made. You can press it mulitple times to "undo" a lot of changes.



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