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How to upload a picture


Click on the Profile button near the top of the page.

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                                Click here

this will take you to your profile page.
On the left side you will see this in box.

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Now you are on the page that you will be able to edit your profile, and add a picture to your avatar.

      { }  Personalized Picture:
                                          (pictures can only be 100x100 in size)
                                              Use, http://photobucket.com/ or
                                              to get the URL, that goes here
      {x}  I have my own pic:           __________________________
       Specify your own avatar by URL. (ex: http://www.mypage.com/mypic.gif)
         or this is easy and works for me, just click on browse  V
       {x}   I will upload my on pcture:  ________________[Browse]
       You can search for a file to upload from your computer

 personalize text: add note that will appear under pic  
     At the bottom right hand corner of the page it says:

                                                                               [Change Profile]
                                                                 Click here to upload pic to forum

On the board 'Who Am I'  for sharing pics and other info.

I went through http://imageshack.us/ or http://photobucket.com/register/?link=topmenu to get the URL code to post these pics.  Just copy and paste the code in your message and the pic will come up with your post.
Make sure the size is right, 320 x 240 works for me.


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