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My simple Testimony again

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i wrote this in the previous forum when it had a different host, but i will write it again

Basically, April 2004.  Sitting at work, typed in "Revelation" in my google search.  Got several sites that i read and the included this one.  Whilst i was reading Bible Truths, i just thought it was another website from another false prophet, as there are so many of them out there.  But something pulled me at the site again and my intrigue kept getting the bettre of me, so as the days went on i kept reading more and more and day by day, it made more and more sense.  I know then that something was wrong with the church.

Now i have never been a big church goer.  Something never seemed quite right, but i just thought that was the way it was and thats the way God was.  How wrong i was.

How right Bible Truths was.

I have now been on my personal search for information on the history of the church, the scriptures, the bibles, the translations (and lack of) for nearly 2 years and i havent looked back.  There is always more i can do, but this i know is in God's time, not mine.

I now have a sense of peace i have never felt before

To know that i cant determine my future, only God can and that the purpose for all our lives is that it is simply a learing process to an eventual nirvana.

Now thats a great thing to beleive in

Zander, thats a AWESOME testimony and witness for Christ! Wow, its good when the scales start falling off eh? Amen brother, thanks for sharing. I hope your search for more of the deep truths continues to be blessed.



--- Quote from: zander ---

I now have a sense of peace i have never felt before

--- End quote ---

Eph 6: 15 and having the feet shod in the preparation of the good-news(G 02098) of the peace;

Rom 10: 15 and how shall they preach, if they may not be sent? according as it hath been written, `How beautiful the feet of those proclaiming good tidings(G02098) of peace, of those proclaiming good tidings of the good things!'

It is good to find that peace and I give thanks daily that I've been bleesed to be shown the peace that the bible speaks of.

I also enjoy to hear others have found the peace that God has to offer.

Good to hear your testimony, Zander.  God does reward those who diligently search for Him and His truths.  The love of God surpasses our limited knowledge, His peace is awesome.  Thanks for sharing.

God bless you.



It always amazes me when I hear a testimony such as yours, we are all so different but the experiences sometimes are eerily similar. I am thankful you are a part of this forum.



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