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Author Topic: Sex  (Read 5048 times)

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« on: July 05, 2007, 08:39:30 PM »

Ray -
I have searched many Bible translations and still am not certain what God approves as acceptable sexual acts between a Man and a Woman within Marriage.
Some say that the Bible is silent on the details of Sex in Marriage.
Others refer to the 'Song of Soloman' and suggest that this confirms certain acts as acceptable.
Do you have two or three Scriptural Witnesses that attest to the 'righteous' sexual union between a Man and His Wife in Holy Matrimony?
I know that the Scriptures state that God classifies the following as an abomination in his sight:
1.    Humans having sex with animals.
2.    A man having sex with another man.
3.    A woman having sex with another woman.
As you know, this is taboo to talk about and discuss in most Family Homes, and within the established churches.
But what are we to tell our own children if we ourselves are not certain what God approves and what God states is an abomination.
Thanks, Regards, George.

Dear George:  I do not like to teach on subjects that are neither discussed in the Scriptures, nor made completely evident by nature. But why should we suppose that animals would set the proper pattern for human sexual behavior?  Also, why are you assuming that there ARE sexual things forbidden between a husband and his wife?  If God considered it a gross abomination, don't you think God could have stated:  "Thou shalt not kiss thy wife or thy husband below the neck"?  After all, I guess in this case, nature does teach us that breasts are for feeding babies, not entertaining husbands.  Of course Song of Solomon would differ on this point for sure.  Most counseling pastors just lie about these things anyway.
God be with you,
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