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Author Topic: Thanks  (Read 1849 times)

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« on: July 25, 2007, 04:09:35 PM »

Dear Mr. Smith:
First and most important Thank you. I will start with saying that I agree with you, and I thank the Lord for stumbling with your website, which I know was not coincidence, I was meant to. It is unfortunately that we still have so many ignorance in this word and that still many cannot understand what is in front of their nose, i can sincerely give your the so deserving respect you deserve for having the courage to help others in helping them selves by taking a closer approached to studying the bible, your approach to the true is a remarkable one, and i understand the words of Our Lord, i was brought up by a wise woman who had a remarkable understanding of Our Lord Word, she did not pass on in vain, she taught me much, and in so i  try to teach others, aim currently in my 42 years of a blessed life by our Lord, but not in the blessing many understand it to be, mine is not material blessing but spiritual ones, it is why it rejoice me greatly to see and read you work, and i p ray for God to give you many more vessels to continue your work, "I will like to share with you an anecdote that i had when i was merely 10 years old,,,,, i grow up between a Catholic family and a Christian one, they shuffle me from one to another trying to expel my investigative nature and my thirst for answers, i was supposed to be under the influence of some kind of evil, they said....well let me tell, that eventually i was expel from even entering the catholic church cause merely the priest didn't had an answer to  his supposedly divine doctrines, he could never explain to me what i clearly understood of the Word of God, Imagine this, a 10 years old child asking and interpreting God's Our Lord Word when, he him self had not a clue . Many people go thru life not understanding the bible they carry under their arm. Your work to me is a prayer being answered and i will on my part shared it with as many others as  i can, the world needs more people like you, May God b less you.
Sincerely from my heart.
p. s aim currently working toward helping others and will referred student to view your website.

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