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Author Topic: Questions  (Read 4247 times)

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« on: July 19, 2007, 10:05:14 PM »

> Dear Ray,
> Thank you for your timely response, as I am sure you are extremely busy. I
> appreciate you getting back to me, and I appreciate you suggesting that I read
> your opinions to see that they are scriptural, yet with the majority of your
> writings I have only read your interpretation or "your take" so to speak-
> however just because you have an opinion or interpretation of the scriptures
> does not make it scriptural (you are right in saying that not all translations
> of the scriptures are totally correct- such as the King James; yet by always
> putting your understanding of the scriptures, you seem to claim that your
> "version" or tranlsation is always right). Also, everywhere, that I read, on
> your site where people have asked you for your credentials you say how Jesus was
> a carpenter, Peter a fisherman, Paul a tentmaker etc. HOWEVER, Jesus said he
> didn't do or say anything unless he heard the Father say it (can you claim
> this?); Peter lived, followed, and was taught DIRECTLY by Jesus in the flesh for
> over 3 years (can you claim this?); and Paul submitted his doctrine to the
> leaders at the church at Jerusalem; so my question would be, who do you submit
> your doctrine to? I say this again because I believe you could be a great asset
> to the Body of Christ; and so once again, might I suggest you get some books
> from E. W. Kenyon and Kenneth E. Hagin- both great men of God with wonderful
> spiritual insights (for the things of the spirit are SPIRITUALLY discerned, not
> naturally with the human flesh, mind, or intellect) who have some of the most
> scriptural books of any Christian authors I've read after. I truly hope you will
> read after these men for I believe it can help you to be a great asset to the
> Body of Christ and to help lead many people down the path toward salvation. God
> bless! And as I pray for myself, I also pray that "the eyes of your
> understanding would be enlightened" for we all can go farther and deeper with
> God.
> N.D.

        Dear Nathan:

        What?  WHAT?  Kenneth E. Hagin?  Are you out of your cotton-picken mind? I have a tape of Kenneth E. Hagin laughing incoherently and hissing like a SNAKE in front of his congregation with Kenneth Copeland and his wife sliding off of their chairs like SNAKES!  You want me to learn form this lying, two-faced, hypocritical plagiarizing THIEF?  He can't even come up with his own heresies:  he's got to steal them from other heretics:
        [edit] Plagiarism Controversy

        In 1983, two students at Oral Roberts University alleged that the bulk of Hagin's theological teachings were lifted verbatim from the writings of other authors. D.R. McConnell, who wrote his Master's thesis about the Word of Faith movement alleged that Hagin had plagiarized the writings of evangelist E.W. Kenyon, teaching not only the ideas of Kenyon but also lifting text word-for-word from many of Kenyon's eighteen published works.

        Dale Simmons, one of McConnell's colleagues doing research for his paper entitled "An Evaluation Of Kenneth E. Hagin's Claim To Be A Prophet", discovered what he has described as plagiarization by Hagin of an author named John A. MacMillan. In this case it is alleged that Hagin not only plagiarized the text word-for-word, but also the title, "The Authority of the Believer".

        Upon discovering Hagin's use of MacMillan's material, Simmons contacted the publishing house that published MacMillan's original work. The president of the publishing company confronted Hagin with evidence of the plagiarism. Hagin's response was to claim that he had not plagiarized anyone but that his acknowledgment of MacMillan had been an oversight. Hagin then implicitly claimed that the plagiarism was actually proof that his teaching and MacMillan's teaching were from God. In a portion of a letter printed on page 68 of "A Different Gospel" by D.R. McConnell, Hagin argued that persons speaking on the same subject use 'virtually the same words' because 'it is the same Spirit that is leading and directing.' Simmons did not accept this argument, noting that it begged the question why Hagin felt it necessary to read any books at all if God was going to inspire him to have the same thoughts and words as another author. This information is available from Oral Roberts Universi ty in Dale H. Simmons' Master's thesis, An Evaluation of Kenneth E. Hagin's Claim To Be A Prophet. Simmons repeats these charges in his 1997 book, E.W. Kenyon: The Postbellum Pursuit of Peace, Prosperity, And Plenty. Hagin did, however, give credit to MacMillan when a new copy with a new title ("The Believer's Authority") was released in 1984.

        The real question, however, is not whether Hagin plagiarized. That fact has been established in numerous places. The question is whether or not Hagin received the plagiarism from God as he alleges.

        At present, Kenyon's Gospel Publishing Company, based in Washington state, argues that Hagin did not plagiarize based on the fact that his books were merely sermons that were converted into book form. This claim, however, contradicts the statements of Ruth Kenyon Houseworth, Kenyon's daughter, given to both Judith Matta and D.R. McConnell in 1982.

        William DeArteaga, a defender of the Faith movement, acknowledged that Hagin was guilty of plagiarism in his 1992 book, "Quenching The Spirit" (p. 243-245 of the 1996 edition). Geir Lie, a scholar who is favorable to E.W. Kenyon went so far as to say that Hagin's plagiarism was conscious and systematic (according to DeArteaga).


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