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Prayer for my brother-in-law

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Hi all!

I would appreciate it if you all would remember my brother-in-law, Chuck, in your prayers. He has been diagnosed with shingles which is effecting his face around his eye and ear. He is seeing an eye specialist today. Hopefully, his vision will not be compromised.

Shingles is a virus that is incredibly painful and can cause long-term and recurring issues.


Hello Debbie,

Chuck is my prayers.

Hello Debbie, Chuck is in my prayers, my hope is a speedy & complete recovery.


Yes, will pray.  My father & father in law have had it and it is not pleasant for them-painful & uncomfortable. Will pray he gets thru it soon.

Thanks to all of you for remembering Chuck. We rec'd good news that he has made a complete recovery except for not being able to wear contacts. My nephew came down w/ the chicken pox shortly after Chuck's symptoms showed, but he had rec'd the vaccine, so his bout was very mild.

Praise God, all is well at the in-laws' house these days!


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