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Author Topic: Thanks Ray  (Read 4346 times)

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Thanks Ray
« on: August 16, 2007, 07:05:42 PM »

    > Hey Ray -
    > No need to respond to this as I imagine you have many other emails to
    > write. I just wanted to let you know how infectious this idea of
    > universal reconciliation is. My friend caught it, passed it on to me,
    > and now we are watching it creep from our words into the people in our
    > church and beyond. It is amazing how the absolute love of God, whenever
    > allowed to run free from our false doctrinal constraints invades the
    > lives of people and changes even those who thought they knew Jesus. How
    > much greater when they understand not only the grace that proceeds from
    > Him but also that we as believers were found worthy to be predestined to
    > watch over this world with Him in the age to come. T his is where I get
    > my most joy - that in overcoming, I may be found worthy to watch the
    > world be brought in to His presence in completion.
    > If I wasn't at my desk at the moment I would probably dance at that.
    > I just wanted to encourage you from a personal testimony that even
    > though many scoff, even more hear these words and they are life to them.
    > And just an aside: I work on a college campus at the moment, and every
    > other Tuesday a group from a church comes that are known as "The
    > Screamers" carrying their big signs and banners proclaiming the
    > condemnation of most of the race of man. Can I tell you how hard it is
    > not to tackle at least one of them?
    > Marveling at His wondrous judgment,
    > Daniel
    > --
    > Best Regards -
    > Daniel

    Thank you for your email and comments, Daniel!
    God be with you,

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