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Author Topic: Ignorance  (Read 5371 times)

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« on: August 16, 2007, 07:07:52 PM »

> How bliss is your ignorance. Jesus was first and
> foremost a Rabbi, hence the reason the disciples often
> called him "Rabbi" or teacher. It is an absolute
> untruth to say he was a carpenter. Why did Jesus go
> missing in the Bible from age of 18 to 30. He was
> doing what all Jewish boys did. He went to Rabbi
> school which lasted for 12 years if they were good
> enough. No where in scripture does it say that Jesus
> was a carpenter. The question was asked in Matthew
> 13:55, Isn't this the carpenter's son?
> I suggest you read your Bible alot more and stick to
> your roofing.
> In the Grace of our Saviour
> (Who I doubt you actually know)
> Phil

        Dear Phil: I am really impressed how you back up your assumptions and theories by Scripture [?].  Young Jewish boys usually followed in the footsteps of their fathers regarding their occupational training.  At age twelve  (Scripture: Luke 2:42) Jesus was ALREADY debating the Doctors of the Law who were "astonished" at the level of understanding He had (Scripture: Luke 2:47).  So now you dogmatically declare that after an ADDITIONAL 6 whole years of studying God's word and growing, "He was doing what all Jewish boys did, He went to Rabbi schools which lasted for 12 years if they were good enough." Apparently Jesus had to go back to those same doctors of the law and learn the truth of things He was still lacking?  Is that what you are suggesting?  Jesus was taught His doctrine at the "Rabbinical school?" Do you have chapter and verse on that assertion?  No?

        I don't know how old Jesus was before He left His parents home, but for sure by age 12 He had learned a great deal about carpentry from His father.  But when He was growing into manhood, did He really attend "Rabbinical school" as you assert. Or can we know from the Scriptures where Jesus was during what most theologians call the "missing years" in Jesus' life?  Actually we can know where Jesus was during those twelve years before His ministry to Israel when you suggest without any Scriptural proof that He was in "Rabbinical school.".

        Here is where Jesus was during the so-called missing years, the twelve years before His public ministry:

        "And the Child [Jesus] GREW, and became STRONG IN SPIRIT [is that what the Rabbi's did in Jesus' day? They became "strong in spirit" in RABBINICAL SCHOOL? I think not], and WAS IN THE  D-E-S-E-R-T-S  TILL THE DAY OF HIS SHOWING UNTO ISRAEL" (Scripture: Luke 1:80).

        Now then, where was Jesus during those twelve years? In Rabbinical school being taught by the hypocrites? Or IN THE DESERT GROWING STRONG IN SPIRIT BEING TAUGHT OF GOD?

        Did Moses go to Rabbinical school to learn how to lead Israel?  NO, God took him to the deserts (Scripture: Ex. 3:1)

        Did Paul go back to Rabbinical school after his conversion to learn the REAL truths of God after his conversion on the road to Damascus?  No, God took him to the deserts before he became the Apostle to the Gentile nations (Scripture: Gal. 1:17). My college geography book shows all Arabia to be desert.

        Sometimes one can learn more about God up on a roof than in Rabbinical school.  In the future, see if you can find a couple of "Scriptures" to support your theories before putting someone else down and questioning how much they know Jesus.

        God be with you,

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