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Author Topic: Jesus' Death  (Read 4663 times)

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Jesus' Death
« on: August 30, 2007, 10:08:17 AM »

Christian Greetings Ray,
> Attempting to spread a little happiness and enlightenment around the earth
> is a pleasure which many believing in God’s Word enjoy, especially when one
> is able to share an understanding of a truth not easily recognized. For
> instance, how many of us are aware that it was not in Satan’s interest for
> Jesus to be executed?
> It was never in Satan’s interest for Jesus to die, which was why he tried to
> deter him and accept the kingdoms of the world during his test in the
> wilderness and then tried to deter him again by getting Peter to say “You do
> not have to do this.” His third attempt was to induce Judas to have him
> handed over to the authorities so that Pilate might invoke the people to
> choose him for release instead of Barabbas. The point is that providing
> Jesus remained faithful even to death, Satan knew he was lost. So his dea th
> was not the result of his enemies, it was the other way round. This proved
> that God could put a perfect man on the earth who would stay obedient to him
> even to death [Satan’s original challenge]. By this single act, Jesus has
> become the Liberator [from Adamic death] of the whole of the human race.
> This also opened the Way to the hope of an earthly resurrection with an
> opportunity of everlasting life for all mankind.
> The Apostle Paul who was very mindful of the ‘Cause’ for which Jesus died,
> also realized that it would take a Liberator to reverse all that had taken
> place in Eden and so avail mankind once more the opportunity [second chance]
> of everlasting life as humans on the earth ( Psalm 37:11, 29; Revelation
> 14:1; 20:6) while the choosing of the ‘anointed’ Little Flock’ [Israel of
> God] (Romans 9:6; Galatians 6:16) with a view to immortality in the heavens
&g t; is however an addition to God’s original plan.
> I look forward to any reply or comments on this.
> Pathfinder in Truth and Hope,
> Romans 3:4
> Alexander

    Dear Alexander:  The hardest thing for me to do is critique the hundreds of emails I receive in which people give me their understanding of God plan and purpose or some one or two areas of God's plan and purpose, and then ask me to critique and comment on their paper. First I have to read it, then point out the errors, then show why they are in error, then show what is the truth. It is SOOOOOOOOOOOOO time consuming and often embarrassing for the one being critiqued. I will make just one comment to your premise:
    You state that: "His third attempt was to induce Judas to have him
    handed over to the authorities so that Pilate might invoke the people to
    choose him for release instead of Barabbas"
    I hardly know what to say? That is so unscriptural and total nonsense.
    Do you think that Satan is SMARTER than God and Jesus?  Do you not
    think that Jesus could have gotten away if He wanted to?  Now then, Jesus
    is free. He just ate the passover with His disciples.  If it is Satan's purpose
    to set Jesus FREE, it doesn't make much sence to have Him taken into
    custody with the shaky possibility that He just might be "set FREE."-HE'S
    God be with you,
    PS   I gave a reason why Jesus died at our Nashville Conference. You can hear
    it at our Discussion Forum.
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