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Author Topic: In case of emergency for cell phones  (Read 2044 times)

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In case of emergency for cell phones
« on: September 07, 2007, 03:53:10 PM »

I thought this was a great idea and did it immediately:

ICE Campaign -   "In Case of Emergency"
We all carry our mobile phones with names & numbers stored in its memory but nobody, other than ourselves, knows which of these numbers belong to our closest family or friends.
If we were to be involved in an accident or were taken ill, the people
attending us would have our mobile phone but wouldn't know who to call.
Yes, there are many numbers stored but which one is the contact
person in case of an emergency? Hence this "ICE" (In Case of Emergency)
The concept of "ICE" is catching on quickly. It is a method of contact
during emergency situations. As cell phones are carried by the majority of
the population, all you need to do is store the number of a contact person
or persons who should be contacted during emergency under the name "ICE"
(In Case Of Emergency).
The idea was thought up by a paramedic who found that when he went to the scenes of accidents, there were always mobile phones with patients, but they didn't know which number to call. He therefore thought that it would be a good idea if there was a nationally recognized name for this purpose.
In an emergency situation, emergency service personnel and hospital staff
would be able to quickly contact the right person by simply dialing the
number you have stored as "ICE."
For more than one contact name simply enter ICE1, ICE2 and ICE3 etc.  A
great idea that will make a difference!  Let's spread the concept of ICE by
storing an ICE number in our mobile phones today!
It really could save your life, or put a loved one's mind at rest or have someone contact your Healthcare Power of Attorney when you need them most.
ICE will speak for you when you are not able to.

[Another idea: Enter the person's name after ICE1, etc.]


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Re: In case of emergency for cell phones
« Reply #1 on: September 08, 2007, 03:06:39 AM »

Wow I'm glad I read this.  I've never heard of this campaign but what a great idea.  I'm going to put it in my cell tomorrow AND send this to everyone I know  :)

Thanks Janice!!


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Re: In case of emergency for cell phones
« Reply #2 on: September 08, 2007, 03:46:09 PM »

If I may put in my 2 cents worth....
While it may at first seem like a great idea...there are several important things to consider. The acronym of "ice" means a great varid of other things world-wide. Its said to originate in UK after the 05 bombings. There are many drawbacks and after talking with my daughter that used to be a 911 emergency operator, and a good ole' google search, etc.... I found out that the U.S. emt personell are not trained to look in cell phones for the "ice" number(s) first....but rather a bracelet or necklace, and then, depending on the situation, during transport will look in the purse/wallet for the ID cards and any other information. They want the ID of the person first, then the next of kin to contact, and if allergic to anything. Listening to what emt say....they cant be wasting time looking around the house or in pant pockets, etc. for a cell phone, and once found, be learning the phone, looking up numbers, etc etc. Since their training will be to look for a purse or what they will be using their time for, if they have it. If you do use "ice" they are in question of people keeping the numbers up-to-date, also. (dont want them to call your x, or a person that is now elderly or sick, etc). They look for ID in the wallet, and would like to have it in a clear 'window' with your ID card, and the needed information. If you have a health problem or something that is need to be known...the first thing they check is the bracelets/necklaces. I'm a recent survivor of a ruptured aneursym of the brain.....and it happened while I was all alone. I read about the "ice" stuff a little while back (after it happened)....but, after thinking about it, will do little good in some emergencies. In some ways, might be used...but in a rare case. If "something" should happened nowadays, I know that the bracelet/necklace, along with the information in my purse is what they will need.
  I hope this post helps others,


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Re: In case of emergency for cell phones
« Reply #3 on: September 08, 2007, 06:50:49 PM »

Righto dear Scribbles... thank you for your input!  This is a by word-of-mouth type of thing.

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