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You can use the Ctrl + F key to search on the forum and BT site.  It is good to search out a word or phrase in a thread.  The search box that pops up at the top of the page will search all posts in the page you are on. (Kat)

I hope that everybody that uses the forum has noticed the search function that is provided.  It works very well!  But if you want to search the pages of Bible-Truths.com itself, i.e. Ray's pages, there is a way:

Using Google to Search Ray's pages at Bible-Truths.com:

* Go to Google i.e. http://www.google.com
Shortcut - Skip going to the 'Advanced Search' area by adding 'site:bible-truths.com' (without the quotes) to your search criteria during a normal google search.  Or

* Use the 'Web' search - see the upper left hand corner of the page. (This is the default search type. Skip this if you haven't selected another option. ex. News Video Images, etc)
* Click 'Advanced Search' located just to the right of the 'Search Button' (See resulting screen below)
* Enter your search terms in the 'Find Results' area
* Scroll down to 'Domain' option and...
select 'Only' option
in the 'return results from the site or domain' box enter bible-truths.com
* Then click 'Google Search' button to perform the requested search

Once you get your results you will notice that they will all be from Bible-Truths.com or www.forums.bible-truths.com.  If you click on the title of each result, you will be taken to the appropriate page at Bible-Truths.com. Use 'Ctrl-F' to find your search criteria.

BUT... Notice that at the end of each hit there are usually two additional links, Cached and Similar pages.  Use the 'Cached' link and the resulting page will come from Google's copy of the page with the search terms hi-lighted.

Remember, this works when searching other sites, too.

Hope this helps somebody out there,


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