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I wrote this on the last forum and since then I have left my church. Now it is lonlier but now I my eyes are opening wider and my ears are listening better. Here is my testimony.

Born a catholic, raised as a baptist, lived in the world and now I have finally found Christ. Born in 1965 Febuary 6th in Anderson, Indiana. Mom and Dad divorced at the age of three. Dad remarried when I was five. Mom remarried and moved away. No more catholic because of Dad's divorce. Raised by my Dad and Stepmom. Grandma, sweetest woman I have ever known, took sisters and me to baptist church. Learned the basics about heaven and hell. Graduated highschool and moved out of the house. Had a live-in girlfriend. Muttled through life for a while. Broke up with girl. Moved in with friends. Met first wife. Lived a life of drinking and drugs. She became pregnant. Stopped doing drugs. First son was born. She started drugs again and I didn't. She divorced me to marry someone who would do drugs with her. She took my heart , Douglas my first son, and I became a weekend dad. Thought of suicide. Bought a gun and one bullet. My aunt, the next sweetest woman I have known, invited me to church. I went. One day I broke down and thats the first time I believe God spoke to me. I looked in the mirror and saw the beast. I sold the gun and threw away the bullet. I met my second wife. We dated for a while and I went back to the world. We married and now I had a second son, Justin was five when we were married. Had lots of guilt because my first son could only come on weekends and his new stepbrother was with me full time. My wife became pregnant. Now I have three sons, Trevor is now nine years old, Douglas is fourteen, and Justin is seventeen. Last year my oldest was expelled from school twice, once for dope and once for fighting. He got a job with his uncle at a pizza shop. He started going to church, baptist, he invited his mother and me and we went. "Got saved" and became church goers. I started reading the bible. Things didn't make sense. What was being taught in the church. I did not know how to study the Bible. I began in a bible study class looking for answers. I asked questions to my elders and searched the internet for explanations. There are many ideas that men have on different doctrines. I found many web sites that were very wrong and not according to the scriptures. I was writing questions to men in my church and they did give some good answers. But, I was not satisfied to the amount of information I was receiving. My thirst for the knowledge of God could not be satisfied by men. I started to read the Bible and study on my own. The answers came slow to me too slowly for my thirst. I literally felt that my thirst would never be satisfied. Then I bought a CD player and started listening to the word of God. The words that I heard were like songs. I have been through the New Testament at least four times and starting the Old Testament. Then I found the program (e-sword) with which I am currently writing this testimony. This program has finally given me a valuable study tool. Then, my life was changed, I found a website (bible-truths) that taught the truth. I couldn't believe Christ is, was and will be the savior of the world. My heart lept. I can't  stop studying. Then I found this forum. This forum is not like the others. There is true fellowship and Love. Many on this site have much wisdom and Love. It is wonderful to read thoughts of true brothers and sisters in Christ. I have not left the church yet. My attendance is suffering because of what I am learning. I was asked last week to teach a sunday school class. I have not shared with others at the church. I feel God drawing me out of the church. It will upset my family. But, I know it will happen when God makes it happen. All I know now is how blessed my life has become. My eyes are opening. I am no longer deaf. All the glory now is Christ's. It always is, was and will be.

Sparkyman, praise God, what a blessing your testimony is, amen bro. And that lonliness part you mentioned; hopefully that will pass with some good found fellowship with someone of a like mind.

God bless

Amen Aaron,

God is calling you out of the system to do some great things in you.  It can SEEM lonley, however if the Lord was ALL you had, then is he ALL you need?
I think you're discovering this each day.


Great testimony, Aaron.  You are a seeker, my friend, and God rewards those who diligently seek for His truths.  

Keep up in His word and follow Jesus.  God bless you and your family.


welcome. I can relate to much of what you have gone through as I am sure many in this forum can as well.

This is a joyful yet humbling experience, what our Lord is teaching us can be difficult to endure but the rewards are indescribable (just try explaining this to an unconverted mind). You are among friends here and I pray you continue in your studies with open eyes and ears.



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