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hello everyone, it's nice to be here.

so the short version of my spiritual background would have to be that i grew up raised by attending lutheran protestant church. to a point i would say my mother was the parent which instilled in me the notion of love for God. she likes to read up on bible history, goes to bible studies, and she would tell me things, and answer my questions to the sincere best of her ability etc. i always had a very relaxed, vague understanding of God, i knew that whatever concept of God that i had was indeed miniscule, but its rather hard for me to persue knowledge in these kind of things, although ive probably been trying my hardest only this year, which is my 19th year of living. i guess i assumed it was a rather pointless thing to persue knowledge of, because no one could ever profess to know everything about God, anyway. but, thought i knew my understanding was miniscule, i never would have known that even my miniscule understanding was dead WRONG, had it not been for my being introduced to a different forum on the internet.

i came to hear about Ray and Mike's ministry, which is so far the most satisfying i have ever heard, through that different forum, where Brett from this forum argued points using their points. his arguments were very convincing and at first, deeply troubling. i had a feeling i wouldnt be attending that forum for much longer, so i told him how to get in contact with me, because i thought i might like to talk to him in the future if i ever had any scripture related questions. he pointed me in the direction of ray and Mike, and i've been satisfied with their interpretations thus far, and actually in a way it satisfies me to know that i know very little about God as depicted in the bible, and still have much to learn. i hope to learn as much as i can.

I know that i am only human, that Ray and Mike are only human, and that Brett is only human, and we could all never hope to be right about God in his infnite being... but im hoping that with as much help and guidance i recieve, i (and we all) can be as wrong as little as i possibly can.

so, it's good to be here. i hope we can all help each other.

Amen, to that Jimeigh.  Searching for truth and learning from each other are good qualities.  Welcome to the forum.

God bless,



Welcome.  Make sure you read as much as you can from Ray and Mike's site.  Then read all four of the sections here.  I have learned so much.  I too came from a Lutheran background. GOD BLESS

Hi Jimeigh and welcome, keep your bible close by as you verify and study the material on Ray & Mike's sites, and as you read the posts in the forum.

You are right about having much to learn (we all have that in common), and the Source is Infinite, but I must say you are WAY ahead of where I was at 19.



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