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Author Topic: Thanks  (Read 1858 times)

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« on: April 27, 2006, 03:39:54 PM »

When I was a young boy I often ask my dad about things in the bible that I did not understand (which was almost everything), he told me the son, do not question the word of the Lord.  With this wonderful information that I received from my dad, I thought to my self that it did not make any since for me not to question things that I did not understand, even if it was the bible, so I stop reading the bible.  As I became a teenager and start dating a church going girl, I found Christ and began to read the bible once again, and again I had questions.  Instead of turning to my dad I had a pastor to give me his words of wisdom every Sunday morning.  Some questions were answered and some wasn't, but at least I was on the right path of finding the truth about the bible (I thought).  Well that was about 35 years ago, and I have not grown in knowledge or understanding about the bible, Christ, God or anything that I had tried to read and understand in the bible.  You see I had one understanding, and others, well they profess to have the answer, but was just as lost as I was.  I am the type of person that let common sense dictate my involvement, my choices, my commitment, my understanding.  Logic, simple logic.  Lately, I have being reading the bible more, trying to get a clearer understanding of what it is trying to tell me, this time a light had came on showing me the truth.  And then by chance, by luck, by design, by faith, or what have you, I found your web site, and the truth with indeed set you free.
You have giving me some of the answers that I have been looking for, it makes sense, it fells good, and I can honestly say that I am in agreement with you on what I have read so far.  I try to read your information each day, for better comprehension of the bible, and I find your information is back by fact, research, and a guiding light.  I want to say thank you for all of your work and for having the courage to share this with the world.  I feel that God is guiding your hands as he has guided me to your writing, and even through there are those who would see harm come to you, I want you to know that I am a fan.  I don't want to drag this on much further but I must share this last piece of information with you.
January of 2005, my childhood best friend died of cancer.  He died a minister.  When I found out that he was a minister I had a hard time believing it, because I knew him as a rotten scoundrel and one of the biggest liars I have ever known.  But I was always told that God works in mysterious ways, and he call those that you least expects.  Well for the next couple of months, there were signs that I tried to avoid.  There were church plays I was watching, movies about church I found entertaining, one newly minister was trying to get me to come to her church, and a lady out of the blue, asked me was I minister.  I, a minister, with my record, of being a liar, cheat, a thief and worst, I thought, not me.  Then one night I prayed to God for his help, and I vowed to follow his will if he would reunited me with my family.  That next morning when I woke, it was as if God had spoken to me, to go and minister his children for they were lost and I had to bring them home.  I became a minister that day, and I am reunited with my family.  And when I found your web site, I was happy to see that what I have been teaching is exactly what you are preaching.  I am happy to see that someone besides me understands Gods word and his world.  Again thanks ever so much, for all your words and your wisdom.
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